Tuesday, November 14, 2017


IT HAS ARRIVED! HAPPY RELEASE DAY to THE ETERNA SOLUTION! Now available from Tor Books in digital and hardcover!

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About the book (Via Tor Books):

Unnatural howls echo across the Atlantic | Lady Liberty’s torch blazes with hellfire | Dead bodies shamble through the grounds of Columbia College.

It’s 1882 and two government divisions of paranormal investigators have completed a most harrowing task―stopping a demonic nobleman from taking over the British Parliament. Now the motley crew of psychics, scientists, scholars, and magicians must race across the ocean to Manhattan to protect it from evil forces they believe Moriel unleashed.
American Clara Templeton’s psychic powers have grown exponentially but she worries that defeating the sinister forces arrayed against them will cost her her life. Londoner Harold Spire, once a Scotland Yard detective, has had just about enough of the occult, though he has seen his team’s supernatural powers at work. Together, the American Eterna Commission and the British Omega Department hope to save New York City without destroying themselves.
In this climactic third installment of The Eterna Files series, Prism award-winning author Leanna Renee Hieber delivers a delightful Gaslamp fantasy set in 19th century New York and Washington D.C., rich with detail and embroidered with a cast of captivating characters.

The Eterna Files series
The Eterna Files
Eterna and Omega
The Eterna Solution
TONIGHT! Hometown signing! Cincinnati, OH at the West Chester Barnes and Noble - 6:30pm!
Event Page here!

NOV 17TH, An Epic Party co-hosted by the talented Wormwood & Gall at the Morris-Jumel Mansion, Manhattan's Oldest (And Most Haunted) House! 6:30pm! ($15 cover includes wine, soda, food and museum admission!!)
Event Page here!

If you're late to the Eterna Files party, now is a perfect time to start! Both The Eterna Files and Eterna and Omega are on sale across various platforms in several editions!

Here's a free Eterna series Prequel novella to get you started or to deepen your experience in the Eterna world! Read THE SPARK for FREE via Tor now! It's a single post, no download necessary!
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Order via Barnes and Noble - IndieBound (Order into your favorite local independent store!) - Amazon - Signed Copies via Leanna's Etsy Store!

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