Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"Behind the Scenes" #3 Back from RT

So the Romantic Times convention was mind-blowing on many levels.

Some highlights:

-Meeting great, fabulous, talented and wonderous new people.
-Interviewing famous authors and having cocktails with many more.
-Fabulous pitch-sessions with high-profile editors.
-Dressing up.
- Lots of fun with fangs! My Maverick, Mancusi & Me favorites:

(Made me miss my old Dracula days in the theatre...)
-For more particulars on Fun with Fangs, Marianne Mancusi has now posted the rest of her pictures of our veritable fun with fangs performance art piece on her blog.

-Buying more books than I could afford or carry.

-Meeting the owners of my publisher, Crescent Moon Press and attending their Publisher's Spotlight. Congratulations on the launch, Crescent Moon!

-Great live music by The Impalers causing an incredible air-guitar solo by myself and Liz Maverick that had people inquiring if we had fallen and we couldn't get up.

- My kick-butt boots won me a toaster oven. Random. But I needed one. A toaster, I mean.

-And... Fabio ain't lookin' half bad:

That's all for now! I'll be posting new updates on DARK NEST soon!


Marianne Mancusi said...

The way the photo was taken makes it look like Fabio has a halo over his head...

Leanna said...

LOL oh wow. He totally does. After that picture of you and Liz, I'm sure 'halo' doesn't come to mind. :)

Pamela K. Kinney said...

Thanks, and glad you're enjoying the book. Yeah, RT was super. I decided live my vampire in pleather look so much, doing it at Ravencon this Saturday.
I got to stand next to tall Fabio at Military Mixer as my friend, Cathy Maxwell pushed me out there since I was in Army once upon a time. I ended up next to him.
My fave thing at RT--meeting so many neat people--many I only knew by name or screen name online. it is always great to put the face to the name!

Pamela, it was so great to meet you at RT, I dove into Haunted Richmond today and I love it! Congratulations and keep me posted!

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

Awesome pics Leanna. Especially love the fangs! Glad that that you had a great time at RT.

Kwana said...

You all are the dress up queens! You look great. Such a fun time.