Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's Halloween Awareness Month

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I don't know if you have realized this, but it is now October.
You know what that means?

Halloween Awareness Month. That's right! H.A.M.!
(no pigs were harmed in the making of this Public Service Announcement)

October 31 always creeps up on me and I just never get enough of this, my most favorite month! Savor it! Make it last the whole year long!

Remember, this month, as my hero Severus Snape says: (Thanks Marianne and Chris for bringing me this tidbit of yum)

(whether it's a typo or lol-speak here is immaterial - the message is clear, and my love is abundant.)

Now Get out there and enjoy HALLOWEEN AWARENESS MONTH!
Thank you.
This message has been brought to you by Concerned Citizens for Halloween Sanctity, PAC

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