Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lady Jane's take 3! & Shadow Forest Authors

Lady Jane's #3 - success!

Thanks, you lovely Salon-a-holics you, for making such a great and uber-fun crowd. And thanks, Madame X, for Alex the bartender and for cheap wine. It's just so darn fun. We co-founders are damn proud of our random little accidental coup of a Salon.

It's good that I have Lady Jane's to blog about. I mean sure, I'm writing. But do you really want to know the ins and outs of line-edits and ruminations on blog-tour strategies for the release? Are you simply aching to know the intimate particulars of a Strangely Beautiful proposal package for books 3 and 4 when I'm sure that synopsis will look nothing like the books? Nah. Don't worry, when Strangely Beautiful gets closer to the release date, then I'll have all kinds of stuff to blab about. I WILL say, however, that my cover flats are go-r-g-e-ous!!

Back to the LJ:

Sarah Wendell made me hurt-so-good inside with hilarity.

Alisa Sheckley was erudite and titillating all at once.
Our co-founder Maya Rodale and the English Boyfriend were more delicious fun than could possibly be legal.

Not to mention that I'm so darn excited one of my bestest buddies from college, Biz, moved to NYC and got to hang with us!

I mean, look at this venue, isn't Madame X awesome? Imagine it brimming with people with cheap drinks. The place sizzles. So did the readings.

Thanks to RT Webmaster Rob (that sounds like a DJ name, Rob) for this photo, and to Managing Editor Liz French for representing RT's constant support, there's always a great run-down of the event at RT's Blog - thanks darlings!

And thanks to everyone in attendance!


Oh, and just so y'all are well and truly prepared for my September 7th release party and what I'll be reading at the LJ: There is no sex in my book. Don't worry, you'll still be titillated. :)

On other charitable fronts:

I also joined the Shadow Forest Authors today. It's easy, authors, just donate a book to one of their designated venues and chip in to fight illiteracy!

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Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

It was a lovely time! I was so happy to see Meredith Duran again who wrote one of my favorite books from last year.