Wednesday, February 10, 2010

In which a grand time was had at TempleCon

How awesome was TempleCon? So very, very awesome. Beloved friend from the Goth scene back in Cincinnati back-in-the-day, incredible artist Kelley Hensing and myself packed her art, my Strangely Beautiful books, and a ridiculous amount of poofy skirts, corsetry and hat boxes into her car and drove to Warwick, Rhode Island where the moment we walked in, the magnificent Creative Director Madame Ximon recognized me immediately by my absurdly large hat and showed us graciously to our booths. She is a consummate hostess and runs a damn good convention.

As we set up our wares, we gaped and grinned as spectacular Steampunk, Neo-Victorian and other Retro-Futurist costumed ladies and gentlemen strolled by. Please visit the TempleCon site for fabulous photos of these incredible feats of costuming and imagination. (Shown here, me at my booth - with said large hat - Kelley's work to the right)

After a day of selling wares and greeting fellow gaming and fantasy fans, Kelly and I were invited by our talented booth-neighbors to their Unhallowed party and thus begun my realization that the Unhallowed crowd were just about the ultimate in cool. Unhallowed: Metropolis is a Live Action Role Playing game designed by Jason Soles & Nicole Vega and described as: a gas-mask chic role-playing game of Neo-Victorian horror. SIGN ME UP! Not only did these ladies and gents know how to dress up beautifully (a skill I hold in the utmost esteem), and throw a party, but they've tossed everything I love into one beautifully realized and inventive world. Mr. Soles and Ms. Vega have surrounded themselves with fabulous artists and authors like photographer Marc17, puppeteer and artist George Higham, and author Simon J. Berman.

The next day the Unhallowed crowd were my fellow guests (again, all of us impeccably dressed to the Victorian nines, I might add) on the Neo-Victorian panel where we all gushed (okay, I gushed, they were all much more composed) about why we love the 19th century, infusing paranormal into it, and why everyone else should be just as obsessed with it too. And then I was graciously granted the opportunity to read from The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker and had (as I always do when I get to play the actress and read) a most delightful time of it. And then we relaxed with another party. A Tea Party, of course, with sumptuous trappings (and more costumes). Particular kudos to our Neo-Victorian cage match/pit-fighting discussion replete with appropriate WWF characters and etymology. Bartitsu!

Other highlights included my fantastic chats spanning 300 years of history with The Major of Big Bear Trading Co.
(pictured here in striped finery is Miss Kitty of Big Bear Trading Co. who made me an Edgar Allan Poe brooch that I'm positively in love with) The friendly people working the Privateer Press booth, and The General and his Lady, Chief Security Officer of the S.S. Icarus and the Penny Dreadfuls company. And I've more to look forward to! Continuing my Neo-Victorian / Gaslight Gothic tour, now I can't wait to be a guest author at the Steampunk World's Fair in May, where I'll see a lot of familiar faces and new friends!



RKCharron said...

Hi Leanna!
Thank you for the post and the pictures. It sounds like a lovely time. I love the picture of you at the table!
All the best,

Cordelia O. Graves said...

I just wanted to tell you hello and it was such a pleasure to meet you!
I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed the first Percy Parker book. I was unable to put it down from the moment I started reading and finished it within 2 days. The General has already begun reading it and has pre-ordered the second for us!
See you at Steampunk World's Fair!

chelleyreads said...

hi leanna! temple con sounds absolutely amazing!! wish there's something like it closer to home. thanks for this post and for sharing your pictures. :)

Hope Tarr said...

It sounds amazing, Leanna and the beautiful pictures and yes, your picture vivid prose bring the event to sparkling life.

Leanna Renee Hieber said...


Thanks for stopping by Rob! It really was as fun as it looked :)

Lady Cordelia,
You were such a highlight of the convention, I really appreciated meeting you and I'm so blessed by your compliments, they mean the world to me. Thanks so much for your support, I'm SO excited that I'll see you in May!!

There are a bunch of really neat fantasy and gaming conventions all around the country, I'm only just now learning about how many wonderful opportunities there are! Thanks for stopping by!

My dear, you're too kind. *hugs* Thanks for taking time away from deadline to drop by!!