Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Events! The Calendar in Progress... 2011

Hello friends! As you know, I travel (a lot) to conventions, conferences, readings, etc, to talk about my books and also to support the genre that I love, to cheer on other writers, to commune with readers and also, you know, to play dress-up (the real reason for everything). Here's the shakedown of my 2011 events thus far. Events will likely add to this list, but these things are for sure thus far:

So it begins!

Feb. 4-6: Warwick/Providence Rhode Island: TempleCon! I return as a Guest Author to this lovely RetroFuturist Convention where I'll have a table with my books to sign, I'll be reading from Darkly Luminous and previewing Perilous Prophecy w/ a book giveaway: Saturday at 7pm! I'm teaching the Language of the Fan at High Tea and having a grand time!

Feb 10th: Columbus, OH - Free event! Guest at Romance Read aloud sponsored by Ohioana Library Association - Books will be available for signing.

March 25 - 27th: Nashua, New Hampshire - I'm The Literary Guest of Honor at the Steampunk Industrial Revolution! Panels, a live performance, and more! Books will be available for signing.

April 29 - May 1: New Hampshire - Aeternitas Harry Potter Convention Keynote speaker! "From Fandom to Fiction" - Books will be available for signing, as this event includes the Perilous Prophecy launch party!

May 3: Stamford, CT Connecticut Library Association Conference - guest speaker on Trends in Paranormal Fiction, books will be available for signing, including The Perilous Prophecy of Guard and Goddess.

Attn. Southern Ohio, my hometown launch party!
Thursday May 5th, 7:00 pm: Reading / Signing The Perilous Prophecy of Guard and Goddess at Streets of WestChester - Union Center Barnes & Noble in the Cincinnati Metro Area!

May 7th-8th: San Diego, CA - Guest author, Gaslight Gathering - (A Victoriana Convention!)

May 20-22: Guest author, Piscataway, NJ - Steampunk World's Fair

May 24th-26th: - NYC - Book Expo America - RWA booth and Sourcebooks booth
June 3-5 - Cincinnati, Ohio - Lori Foster's Reader / Author Get Together

June 27th: - Lady Jane's Salon special RWA edition, I'll be reading from and signing The Perilous Prophecy of Guard and Goddess

August 11th-14th - Featured author, Authors After Dark
Sept 2-5- Atlanta - DragonCon - panelist on the "Dark Fantasy / Goth" track

Sept 18th - NYC! Brooklyn Book Festival (at booth, signing)

October 28-30th - San Diego - World Fantasy Convention

- Stay Tuned to WAITING FOR FAIRIES - I've written an exclusive short Valentine piece starring Elijah and Josephine, two Strangely Beautiful favourites! Follow her @Kiaras and at the site, she'll be hosting giveaways and fun goodies all February! The new short story goes up Valentine's Day!
-KUDOS to UNHALLOWED METROPOLIS; "the gas-mask chic role playing game of Neo-Victorian horror" for picking up new distributor at Atomic Overmind Press! I met this fabulous crew of visionaries, gamers and artists at TempleCon last year and I am VERY pleased to say I'll be involved with the Unhallowed crowd in the future, having written a short piece about a Neo-Victorian zombie assassin for their upcoming fiction installments. Very. Cool.
I have joined THE APOCALYPSIES - a fabulous group of 2012 Debut YA authors and since MAGIC MOST FOUL releases November 2011 - they've kindly let me play in their End of the World Sandbox - that's so nice of them! They're the neatest group of authors with awesome books - please check out and follow the blog and their Twitter @Apocalypsies!
Cheers, friends! Hope your February is lovely thus far, I know I'm trying to stay warm and trying not to fall into snow banks here in NYC. My beloved bought me vinyl boots. He is nice.
Stay tuned for another Marketing Smackdown column this month!


houndstooth said...

*sigh* If only there were cool stuff like that here in the middle of the cornfield! No such luck! And the thought of playing dress up -- darn it all there's none of that here either!

I'm excited to see that story on Kiara's site though! :)

Hanna said...

Whooo!!! May 7th!!!! Can. Not. Wait. 0_0

Oh, meant to tell you - I got "Dark Nest" for Christmas!! Hoping I have time to read it soon!!!!

Leanna Renee Hieber said...

@Houndstooth - Sometimes events bring me to cornfields! :) I was raised near cornfields so I'm quite comfortable around them. As for playing dress up - you can do that whenever and wherever you like - I'm used to he strange looks. *grin* Thanks for looking forward to the short piece, I had fun with it!

Hanna - Yay! Actually it's May 5th, but at 7pm. :) And I'm thrilled you got Dark Nest - there's a sequel novella that will come out sometime next year to pick up where the first leaves off.