Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Twisted Tragedy Trivia and Vote for The Cover!

I've been loving some of the responses I've been getting to The Twisted Tragedy of Miss Natalie Stewart.

Many of you love the cameo of two favourite Strangely Beautiful characters into Jonathon's narrative. I love that you love it, thank you. It was one of my favourite scenes I've ever written.

Many more of you utterly adore Nathaniel Veil and I am so thrilled by that.

Across the board I've been getting very good responses on the book, many seem to like it better than Darker Still or at least feel it fulfills the sequel status admirably, and I thank everyone for kind messages, tweets, responses on all my various social medias and in person at book events.

A few fun TWISTED TRAGEDY facts:

- Reverend Blessing's rescue dogs Bunny and Blue are actually based on two beautiful and delightful real greyhound rescues, Bunny and Blueberry who belong to a wonderful greyhound rescue family that I have been blessed to have as a part of my readership and now has led to two wonderful characters in my work that reflect the magnificent creatures they are based on. Writing their scenes were two of my favourite scenes I've ever written and I was so excited to mention the early work of the ASPCA. Read about the real dogs, their stories and their humans at Tails and Tales. Here, beautiful Blueberry poses with a copy of Twisted Tragedy:

- The Hospital where Doctor Preston worked is based on a real NYC German free hospital at 77th and Park, it was all Gothic and formidable looking too.

- Again, I'm so glad you love Nathaniel Veil, both Nathaniel and Lavinia will return in future work.

- I am working on Her Majesty's Association of Melancholy Bastards membership cards, so stay tuned. :)

And now...

Vote for TWISTED TRAGEDY's beautiful cover! Thanks to your votes, it won November's cover vote at the mainstream romance magazine RT BOOK REVIEWS. Vote for it to win best cover of 2012! No registration required, just click to vote! Thanks!

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