Monday, October 14, 2013

Fun at New York Comic Con: Panels, Entertainment Weekly, A Daft Punk music video...

Leanna & Bruce Boxleitner
As my readers know, I do a lot of conventioning and costuming. For me, it really isn't costuming. It's just me. Who I am, what I do. This year has been no exception to enjoying conventioning in full regalia. As I'm very active in the Harry Potter fandom, you should also know by now I answer to Lady Malfoy or Narcissa at any given convention. This year's New York Comic Con brought so many amazing opportunities. Day 1, I was lucky enough to be on Diana Pho's Welcome to the Brass Screen: Steampunk in TV and Film panel, along with Babylon 5's charming and charismatic Bruce Boxleitner who was there to present the amazing Lantern City project with his talented fellow co-creator and executive producer Trevor Crafts. Joined by Thom Truelove of the fabulous Crypto-Historians, I was there, as both an author in the genre and an actress, to discuss my involvement with the fascinating and high-concept short film Obolos currently in pre-production. Our panelist rapport was stellar and a clip of Bruce beside yours truly in full Neo-Victorian regalia even made the NYCC Day 1 recap! (Seen at 1:26):

And THEN, while dressed as Narcissa Malfoy, alongside fellow writer and critique partner Cas Johnstone as Bellatrix Lestrange of Harry Potter, Entertainment Weekly featured us in their Costumed Women of NY Comic Con 13 feature!

Earlier that day we'd taken part in New York Comic Con's official 2013 Daft Punk cosplay music video, you can see my Narcissa in full runway mode, alongside many core members of The Group That Shall Not Be Named, the largest Harry Potter group in the world. Check out our video, which is quite amusing if I do say so myself. Thanks NYCC staff for making it so much fun to be a part of.

And now back to work on the next novels... Thankfully all my work and play are so gloriously entwined!

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If only we had that much fun here in the cornfield!