Tuesday, February 10, 2015


It's THE ETERNA FILES RELEASE DAY! *runs* *muppet flails*

So yes, darling readers, this is your cue to BUY THE BOOK TODAY, wherever books are sold!

Today, 2/10, is the last day to get a signed, personalized copy of ETERNA from WORD Bookstore in Brooklyn before I go on book tour.

If you're a fan of the STRANGELY BEAUTIFUL and/or MAGIC MOST FOUL sagas, cameos from several cast members of both series appear in ETERNA! My worlds are parallel worlds and I've had an absolute blast in weaving my worlds together to culminate in this work!

I'm thrilled to have received a fantastic review of ETERNA from Suspense Magazine!

"Extremely descriptive, the supernatural plot is intriguing. The author has offered up a rainbow of characters, from the guilt-ridden to the intellectual to the satirical, which will have readers chomping at the bit for more." - Amy Lignor for Suspense Magazine

If I won't see you on BOOK TOUR, then TODAY is the last day to get a signed, personalized copy of Eterna via the fabulous WORD bookstore in Brooklyn. Please put personalization requests in the

The latest blog roundup: Today on TERRIBLE MINDS: I WRITE WHAT I WANT (aka Ignoring the Haters since 1764) - In which I talk about the importance of writing whatever genre calls to you no matter the slings and arrows.

Find me on Myke Cole's blog talking some silly fashion tips.

On Nick Kaufmann's "The Scariest Part" I talk about what was the most terrifying part of writing the Eterna Files: Clara's countdown to unconsciousness.

At the Tor/Forge Newsletter: "It's Not a Costume its My Day Job" about dressing up, writing and the art of character.

For DAILY GEEKETTE: On the Importance of Celebrating Differences

- More updates as I go, cheers, blessings, please enjoy THE ETERNA FILES and Happy Haunting!

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