Saturday, May 3, 2008

I'm "it..."


Kwana tagged me.  That means I now have to say 6 quirky things about m'self and "tag" others for the same.

Why not.  Here goes.

1. Had a childhood fear of being bricked up in a pyramid.  Dunno where that came from.  Never did go to Egypt, never was any talk of going to Egypt.  Ah, childhood fears.

2. Once accidentally electrocuted myself on a lamp while telling a ghost story.  Heightened the dramatic effect for my audience. 

3. In grade school I was obsessed with the fabulously campy show Doctor Who. I was particularly hooked during the days when Tom Baker played the Doctor and his only female fellow Timelord was played by Lala Ward.  She had platinum blonde hair.  I so keenly wanted to be her that I stretched my long strawberry blonde locks out in the sun so it might bleach to her color.  Didn't work.  Still love the show.

4. Wrote a happy-ending sequel short story to Edward Scissorhands because I was inconsolable for a week after having seen it for the first and last time.

5. My soon-to-be-released futuristic, psychic fantasy novella, Dark Nest, was inadvertently inspired by Harry Potter.

6. I don't tend to have pleasant dreams, if I do, I don't remember them.  Except for the one where I was having a glass of red wine at a fancy restaurant with Alan Rickman.  *shrug*

I'm tagging Isabo, Marcia, Liz, Patt and Marianne, sorry guys, you can blame Kwana, she started it. :)


Kwana said...

Oh, Leanna fun stuff! I love it. I tend to have dark dreams too so I'm with you on that one. Thanks for playing.

Leanna said...

Dark dreams make for good spooky scenes when ya sit down to write. :)