Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lady Jane's July Edition! August preview!

Lady Jane's Salon. As always, THE place to be.

So (Right to Left below) Anthea Lawson, Dee Davis and Dianna Love Snell rocked the house. Susie Felber gave an amazing tribute to her mother, the late Edith Layton.

Thank you Scandalous Women Blogger extraordinaire Elizabeth Kerri Mahon for providing a fantabulous rundown on our very own Lady Jane's Site.
Thanks Salon co-founder Maya Rodale for the photos!
Here's Dee and good friend and fellow Salon co-founder Hope Tarr!

The incomparable Barbara Vey of Publisher's Weekly was again with us, visit her to see her always-wonderful Drive By Videos- we're so blessed!
Looking lovely with Dianna:

And one of my fave moments of the night: here's me with King Mho Fo. For more on King Mho Fo and his galpal blogger queen Katiebabs, get the whole story...

Now. August. Hot stuffs.
Here's what you need to know about Delilah Marvelle and Anna DePalo. They both rock.
Now Delilah is trying to save her series.

See you at Lady Jane's Salon, August 1st where you can help save the School of Gallantry and hear some great work of Anna's, and Share the Love.


Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

You and Mho are a match made in heaven. Another great time!

Julia Smith said...

Lady Jane's Salon has now become a must-not-miss when I finally get myself to NYC. Of course, don't hold your breath on that. I'm managing to buy my bus pass for work, but right now, that's about it.

The Drive By Video 'What Three Words Describe a Hero?' clip was fascinating. Really fascinating. So many different versions of a hero!

Leanna Renee Hieber said...

Katie, Indeed,

Julia, we'd love to see you at Lady Jane's!! And if you have any romance fiction you'd like to read, we'd love to have you as a reader! Seriously. We're booking into April 2010 already. Let me know.