Friday, July 24, 2009

Percy Parker gains more gorgeous reviews!

Reviewed by Chelle at Tempting Persephone :

Chelle writes:

Yesterday morning, shortly after finishing Howl’s, I began The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker. One late (early?) morning and a strange event of my own later, I turned the last page, an action that was swiftly followed by the desire for more. More of Ms. Hieber’s blend of myth and magic, more of the rain soaked streets of London, and more of Percy Parker herself.
I think, perhaps, my favorite thing about this novel is Percy’s timidity, which may be an odd thing to say, but not when you consider the potential for growth. Percy is a character who has it in her to be spectacular; I think as the series continues we are going to witness her spine straighten and her head raised with strength and confidence, and it is going to be a lovely journey. And as she’s written, her timid nature is easy to bear because it’s understandably warranted, and her nature is so sweet in spite of it that certain scenes are more meaningful because of it.

If it seems as though I’m talking in circles, I’m sorry. I’m trying rather desperately to not reveal the surprising turns of the novel. In some ways, good ways, it was not at all what I expected. It was more…intricate, with a storyline that is indeed part Victorian era ghostbusters and also mythical exploration. As the pieces began to fall into place I could sort of see where it was going and couldn’t help but delight in it just a bit.
I’m tired today but it was thrilling to be engaged in a book that kept me reading well past 1 a.m, that got me out of bed not long after to begin again. And that, of course, means that I will absolutely be reading the next book, and the one after that and so on. And in the next book, I hope we get more of the Guard, the individuals responsible for protecting an unsuspecting world from supernatural encroachers. More of Percy’s progression towards being a strong and commanding presence. And more of a certain Professor Alexi Rychman who, I’m sure, would have made my academic days a little, ah, brighter.

THANK YOU, Chelle, for your thrilling words! When readers pick up the book, they'll know why it's extra special that your blog reviewed it! :) See the full post at the beautiful Tempting Persephone blog.

Jess writes:

(Ratings out of 5)
Plot: 5
Setting: 5
Writing: 5
Originality: 5
Characters: 5
Passion: 5
Overall: 30/30 - 100% - A+!
Plot: Wow. This book's plot was perfect. It had a true beginning, middle and end. It was very well planned out with all elements of a story line being touched on perfectly. The story centers around a young women new to the Athens school who is unlike anyone else. She's ghostly pale and covers her eyes with shades and wraps her head and neck in scarves and wears long gloves. There's a group of six that are charged with keeping spirits at ease. They are on a mission to find their seventh member.

Setting: The setting is grand! Most of the story takes place in Athens Academy located in 1888 London, England. The school is massive with wings named after the different Greek Gods and Goddesses. It's also set around the time when the Ripper murders were going on.

Writing: Leanna wrote Miss Percy's Tale beautifully, hence the title of the book! I love that it was written in third person point of view. The reader is able to get a much clearer picture of what's going on and that's important with this book because so much is going on. If this were written solely from Percy's POV a lot of this story would have been lost and completely misunderstood. Everything flowed very well in this story and the writing. I did not have any hick ups at all.

Originality: This story is completely original. Of course I've read stories of people seeing ghosts, a girl in a new school but not anything like this one was written. Percy's story is truly remarkable. It's about finding one's self, over coming obstacles both physically and mentally and of course over coming fear and accepting love.

Characters: Percy Parker is the main character. She's truly unique seeing as she sees ghosts, has the fairest skin, hair, and eyes ever imagined yet holds remarkable beauty. She's skilled in many languages but horrible in mathematics, which has her in one on one tutoring sessions with none other than the remarkably handsome Professor Alexi Rychman. Alexi is the leader of The Guard, a group of 6 individuals with special powers to police unruly spirits. Their life mission is to find their seventh member to forever rid the world of the war between heaven and hell? Or at least the "Darkness" and the The Guard. The group include: Alexi, Rebecca (Headmisstress of Athen's Academy), Michael, Josephine, Elijah and Jane.Percy makes friends with a German student named Marianna. There's also another character in the loop and her name is Lucille Linden.

Passion: Percy is intoxicated by Professor Alexi Rychman. Percy suffers from visions, basically daydreams, much more often when she's around him and he of course notices in his class. When the tutoring sessions start Percy is overcome with emotions and gratitude that the Professor is willing to help her, one of such fair skin. She thinks she's ghastly and that no one would willingly subject themselves to her any longer than necessary. However, Alexi is drawn to her but he just doesn't realize it! The passion with this couple is remarkable. It's written so gently that towards the end of the book the scenes are so tangible with the passion it's nearly maddening!I was pleasantly surprised by the love story within this book. It's one of the best aspects of the book and it was handled with great care and detail. Very well done.

Overall: I loved this book. I've had a very busy week this week but I didn't want to put this book down! I stayed up late last night trying to finish it but alas my eyes did not cooperate and I had to finish it tonight when I got home from my externship. Towards the middle of the book it's nearly nonstop action packed, which is an element of a book that I really enjoy.

Read the full review and visit Jess' great blog! I can't thank Jess enough for her kind words, I'm so thrilled!


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"Percy is intoxicated by Professor Alexi"

I like the sound of that! :D

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Katie, I like the sound of that too, seeing as how I'm pretty intoxicated by him as well, but I may be biased... :)