Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Authors After Dark Paranormal Weekend 2010

The Authors After Dark Paranormal Weekend was not only a huge success in every way, but gosh it was fun! Hosted by bestselling author Jacquelyn Frank, who is beyond fabulous, and organized flawlessly by the force of nature that is author Stella Price, this personable yet larger-than-life conference, in only its second year, is an event to be reckoned with. I was fortunate enough to be utilized as a featured author and participated in panels on worldbuilding, about the many inventive creatures that my fellow authors and I have created in our diverse worlds, we discussed Steampunk and I even got to present the Victorian Language of the Fan. Being in a generous, friendly, excited environment, all of us together for the same idea; love of paranormal fiction, creates a great space for sharing, making new friends and having great parties.
I was so thrilled to meet some of my beloved book bloggers who have made all the difference in my Strangely Beautiful series, like JoJo's Book Corner, Bibliophilic Book Blog, Intense Whisper, Simply Ali and Joyfully Reviewed, and the particular delight of Larissa's Life and her interview at the Literary Masquerade, where I got to play Miss Percy in person- and where Percy won the costume contest! (See below). I also got to meet many fabulous fellow authors. Jennifer Armintrout and I got to go all mutual fangirl on each other. Thanks tons to Jacquelyn, Stella and Froggy and all the organizers for creating a wonderful experience! And thanks tons to Biz Urban Photography for the following great photos:
Photo 1: Gaslight Gothic
2: Lurve for Stella
3: Teaching the Victorian Language of the Fan
4: Playing Miss Percy, caught in one of her shy, quiet moments at the Masquerade
5: Author Jennifer Armintrout as Marguerite from The Scarlet Pimpernel (one of our mutual favourites), with Miss Percy at her side
6: Miss Percy wins the costume contest announced by Jacquelyn (in lovely Regency regalia) and Stella (in Steampunk plaid)
7: Last but not least, Miss Percy's first interview! Thanks Larissa!



Caridad Pineiro said...

So great seeing you and your Fan talk was wonderful. Thanks for sharing the great photos that Biz Urban took.

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

I think that you need to do your Victorian fan talk for the chapter and for RWA next year at National.

Cat Johnson said...

Biz's pics of you came out gorgeous!!

Leanna Renee Hieber said...

@Caridad - you're a joy as always! Must get to Liberty States!

@Elizabeth - good idea!

@Cat - and you, my dear, were a GORGEOUS Cinderella! Picture perfect!

Jennifer Armintrout said...

I'm so sad I missed your fan thing! I slept so incredibly hard that morning, I missed saying goodbye to everyone!