Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Miss Percy's growing awards shelf and a picture of a bunny

Hurrah! More awards for The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker!
She's sure cleaning up this year. Miss Percy wins the Paranormal Category of the 2010 Heart of Excellence Awards sponsored by the Ancient City Romance Authors! Here are the contest results, congratulations to all the winners and finalists!

Ancient City Romance Authors (ACRA) is pleased to present the winners of the 2010 Heart of Excellence Readers’ Choice Award for published authors:
Historical Romance
1st Place – Captive of Sin by Anna Campbell aka Karen Schwartz
2nd Place – A Bride in the Bargain by Deeanne Gist
3rd Place – Where the Wind Blows by Caroline Fyffe
Inspirational/Traditional Romance
1st Place – A Lady Like Sarah by Margaret Brownley
2nd Place – Learning to Let Go by Elizabeth Pina
3rd Place – Sunset Beach by Trish Perry
Short and Long Contemporary Romance
1st Place – Scene of the Crime: Bridgewater Texas by Carly Cassidy
2nd Place – His 7-Day FiancĂ©e by Gail Barrett
3rd Place – Her Best Bet by Pamela Ford
Romantic Suspense
1st Place - Cover of Darkness by Kaylea Cross aka Kari Lee Walker
2nd Place - No Turning Back by Kaylea Cross aka Kari Lee Walker
Tied for 3rd Place - Last Gasp by Carla Cassidy
Tied for 3rd Place - Under Fire by Beth Cornelison
Erotic Romance
1st Place - Drive Me Wild by P. J. Mellor
2nd Place - In the Flesh by Sylvia Day aka Livia Dare
3rd Place - Rogues Run by Lara Santiago aka Laura Freeman
Paranormal Romance
1st Place - The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker by Leanna Renee Hieber
2nd Place - Garden of the Moon by Elizabeth Sinclair
3rd Place - Wild Magic by Ann Macela aka Fredericka Meiners
Strong Romantic Elements
Tied for 1st Place - Seeing Red by Susan Crandall
Tied for 1st Place - Flying Free by Amber Polo
2nd Place - Murphy’s Law by Sandy James
Tied for 3rd Place - According to Jane by Marilyn Brant
Tied for 3rd Place – All the Right Reasons by Sandy James
Single Title Contemporary Romance
1st Place - Healing Luke by Beth Cornelison
2nd Place – Faith of the Heart by Sandy James
3rd Place - It Happened One Night by Lisa Van Auken

- There's a great INTERVIEW and contest to win signed books at Buckeye Girl Reads!
- My interview as Miss Percy, a GREAT 5 star review of "A Christmas Carroll" (Strangely Beautiful #2.5) featured in A MIDWINTER FANTASY as well as a signed SB #1 plus other fun swag contest is still up at Larissa's Life!
And more fabulous announcements will be coming soon! I've some very good news I can't wait to share.
For those of you looking for A MIDWINTER FANTASY, releasing electronically, thanks for you patience, hopefully the new download links will be up from Dorchester on Oct. 1st? *crossing fingers*
And because there are never enough cute pictures of bunnies:
Persebunny has begun to devour The Darkly Luminous Fight For Persephone Parker as heartily as the she did the first tale...