Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Steampunk Industrial Revolution

Pictures often speak louder than words, so I'm going to share a few of J. M. Lilley's awesome photos from the Steampunk Industrial Revolution. (Congratulations to the freshly minted Lilleys!) I do need to say a bit about just how much ridiculous fun I had last weekend. - As the Literary Guest of Honor I had the opportunity to do A LOT - I was on panels about Race and Gender in Steampunk, Steampunk and Left-Wing Politics, I judged the Queen of Steam Drag Show and I also was treated to the ongoing ridiculous and hilarious antics of The Wandering Legion and many representatives of The Red Fork Empire.

(Now this photo of me laughing was taken during an adventurous "Munchausen" game of truly absurd storytelling as a benefit for the Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation trying to recover from flood expenses and losses. -- I maintain that most things can be blamed on either Baron Von Lahey or A Count Named Slick-Brass.)
This convention brought HUGELY talented musicians into our midst. Please check out the convention guest list and track them all down. Indeed, there was dancing.
AND of course, the opportunity to do readings is one of my very favourite things to do at a convention. I presented a new teaser for The Perilous Prophecy of Guard and Goddess, the Strangely Beautiful prequel, and a new Gothic short story that introduces some of the world and world building of my spooky, haunted Victorian New York of Magic Most Foul series coming in November.

Another pretty amazing and delightful thing this convention did differently was to bring theatre into the mix. A night of short plays brought some really talented writers and actors onto the stage, and I had the opportunity to present, under stage light (my very favourite, of course) a piece of fiction commissioned by Unhallowed Metropolis, the "gasmask-chic role playing game of Neo-Victorian horror" that details a day in the life of a member of the secretive Mourner's Guild of black-clad females trained to be zombie assassins. It went over quite well. Did I mention I love my job?

Thanks to the entire staff, participants and attendees, what an incredible time!


J Corey said...

Is your Unhallowed Metropolis fiction available to read anywhere? Or perhaps a video of the reading?

Leanna Renee Hieber said...

@J Hi! It isn't in print anywhere yet, but I think they might put it up on their website as special content. You could ask that question on their Facebook page, I'll also try and ask that question again (I haven't gotten a conclusive release date from them) - I have not yet seen any video content from the reading so I don't think it exists, I'll try to get if filmed at some point because I love that piece! Thanks for asking!! Cheers!