Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Ladies & Gents, it's October. My favourite month of the year. You know what October means: NATIONAL HALLOWEEN AWARENESS MONTH!

Fabulous New York things to do this month include:

1. The Great Pumpkin Blaze
2. Boo at the Zoo
3. Embrace your inner Slytherin. (Shouldn't we all?)

To share in the joy of this month, I'm giving you, dear readers, prezzies.
Each week of October I'm hosting a different giveaway, either here on the blog, on Twitter or on Facebook; I'm rotating, so be sure you're following each site.

First off? My partner in crime, the Diana to my Anne of Green Gables, the wondrously talented author, artist, Jill of all trades and princess, Alethea Kontis is featured in a just-released anthology that is very appropriate fare for Halloween Awareness Month:

DEMONS: Encounters with the Devil and his Minions, Fallen angels and the possessed - featuring Neil Gaiman, Kim Harrison, Maggie Stiefvater, William Peter Blatty and the aforementioned Ms. Kontis and many more!

And I'm giving away a copy! Signed, no less! Keep reading for details:

Also, it's only appropriate that I mention Alethea is also the author of the popular AlphaOops H IS FOR HALLOWEEN - which is something everyone should have for their little ones this season. And she is ALSO the author of forthcoming YA Fairy Tale magic twisted and made new as only she can, ENCHANTED. (Yes, you can pre-order it!) No, this is not the last time you'll see us talking about one another's books. She's the "Once Upon a Time" and I'm the "It Was a Dark and Stormy Night". Together, we're all your favourite kinds of stories in one.

And so, to kick off HALLOWEEN AWARENESS MONTH I've a copy of the DEMONS anthology, SIGNED BY THE AUTHORESS herself, to give away right here right now.

Extra entries if you Follow Alethea on Twitter and/or on Facebook.


All you have to do to enter is tell me your favourite thing about Autumn! (Include follows so I can include extra entries. Winner by Random.org on Friday, October 7th!)


We'll be running a Twitter contest for a copy of CANDLE IN THE ATTIC WINDOW: An Anthology of Gothic Horror published by Innsmouth Free Press and featuring my short story "AT THE DOORSTEP" which is set in the world of DARKER STILL: A NOVEL OF MAGIC MOST FOUL.


Pre-orders are up for DARKER STILL at WORD Bookstore; get a signed, personalized (if you like) copy! Also WORD is hosting my 11/10/11 Launch Party at 7pm.

Cheers!! And remember, only YOU can hold Halloween in your heart, and keep it all the year!


JenniBW @chuckie101 said...

It's usually the colours - golds, yellows, browns, all so beautiful. But today it's the clouds, early darkness and eerie wind. Spookitastic!

KatieF said...

My favorite thing about Autumn is the apple pie. I go apple picking every year with my family and we make homemade pies from the apples we pick.

Also followed on Twitter - @bookaddictkatie

ferretvamp14 said...

My favorite thing about Autumn is Halloween and the return of Count Chocula cereal! My favorite holiday and cereal all in one month no less. It's pure magic. Thanks for the giveaway.

cegluna said...

I love the crisp weather that comes with autumn especially after a particularly hot/humid summer :)


Ricki said...

My birthday is the fist full day of autumn, so I would have to say that is what I like best.
Twitter follower - rickimc

Carol M. said...

I love the crisp air and the color of the leaves.

John Leavitt said...

My favorite thing about fall is being able to go for long walks with my kids in the woods. Summer is too hot and too rough on my wife's allergies, but fall is wonderful.

Carmen B. said...

I love everything about autumn. The mists, the leaves changing color, the deep blue sky. But I think what I enjoy most is walking in the woods when it's windy, with the leaves falling around me and making crunching noises under my feet. Unfortunately, Halloween isn't much celebrated in my country or that would be one of my favorites too.

I followed on twitter: @Butterfly_Ghost

Colleen said...

Halloween, obviously! When else can you dress up fabulously, and stalk the streets in broad day-, er, moonlight?

Kermit said...

Three favorite things about Autumn:

1) The gradual color shift
2) Thanksgiving (sorry, Halloween, but...)
3) Launch of multiple AAA video game titles

Twitter: @ChaosTheThird

houndstooth said...

A favorite thing about Autumn? What's not to love? Beautiful colors, cooler temps, being able to get out for more hikes, ghost stories, apple cider, pie and other various baked goods, and Halloween are all some of my favorite things about Autumn!

Bethany K. Warner said...

What's not to love about this time of year?

I love the return of pumpkin desserts, of fall squash, of the bright colorful days and the cool nights.

Twitter follower @BKWordNerd

Jim said...

Favorite things about autumn include taking my kids trick or treating, the smell of burning leaves, crisp evenings spent in front of a fire, and watching horror movies whilst snuggling with my wife.

Jim said...

Forgot to mention, I follow Alethea on both Twitter (@JimPI) and on Facebook.

Alyn Day Of The Dead said...

I love everything about the autumn (that's why I've got a gorgeous fall scene tattoed on my back!) but especially the way the air smells! That crisp, sweet, sometimes smoky scent, if only you could bottle it and enjoy it all year long!

sidpcobain said...

The cooler temperatures, and the smell of leaves decaying, my favorite things about October. And hockey, too!

Avery Flynn said...

Hmmm. My favorite thing about autumn is when it's crisp in the morning and warm in the afternoon. Best of both worlds. Also, I follow Princess Alethea on Twitter and FB. - Waterworld Mermaids Power! :)

hamrickb said...

I LOVE October! I can't pick one favorite thing, there are too many. The chill in the air, the leaves changing colors, HALLOWEEN, desserts made with pumpkin, corn mazes, apple picking, pulling out my cozy sweaters and boots to finally wear again, making costumes with my kids, the fair.

Princess Alethea said...

My favorite thing about Autumn is LEANNA. :-) xox

Beej! said...

Oooh, man, I love the first Hot Toddy on a cold night in the back woods of my family's place in NH. Crunchy leaves and steamy whiskey - can't go wrong!

Also, Twitter follower!

Carlene Love said...

Hi ladies! Hmm...Fall owns my heart because it's generally when I have always caught Depeche Mode concerts. I love being at the outdoor amphitheaters with my hubby and snuggling in the cooler night air while he sleeps and I listen to the best band in the whole world!

Hope I win the Demons anthology!
Happy Fall to you both!!!!

Carlene Love said...

Hahahaha, and I try to follow Princess Alethea as many places as possible...on twitter, facebook, book signings, conventions....because she's so crazy,sexy,cool!

Leanna Renee Hieber said...

Thanks everyone for entering and for your FABULOUS Fall favourites! It's my favourite season for all of the reasons you all mentioned! Random.org picked Katie F as winner of the book, my next giveaway is up: a copy of CANDLE IN THE ATTIC WINDOW: An Anthology of Gothic Horror, visit me on Twitter and RT my Tweet about the contest to enter to win! http://twitter.com/leannarenee - cheers!