Sunday, October 16, 2011

Strangely Beautiful The Musical! Sites and Sounds

Hello friends! Happy to report that The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker, The Musical, now has three very important things: A Website:
A Facebook Page:
Please have a listen, follow and "like"!
What's the latest news on the show, you ask? We're doing a private staged reading in New York City next month, and from there we'll continue to smooth out all the details and figure out where it will be put up on its feet in the regional theatre market before bringing it back to NYC when it's ready. If you visit the website you can hear our draft of the beginning of the show!

Strangely Beautiful blessings!

Oh, and ONLY 23 MORE DAYS UNTIL DARKER STILL: A NOVEL OF MAGIC MOST FOUL! Be sure to get in on the action! Signed Pre-orders via WORD NYC!


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Kat Bender said...

Such good news! I've been offline for some months on a personal hiatus, but I couldn't resist expressing my excitement about the upcoming musical. Thank you for keeping us posted. That intro on the site gave me chills.

(Also, I hereby promise to behave and not crash the private reading, even though by odd coincidence I am going to be in NY next month-- my first visit in over ten years. Most peculiar.)

And I'm so excited for the release of Darker Still! The new cover is gorgeous. I can't wait to see you take the YA community by storm. Best of luck!