Monday, June 4, 2012

In Which Deputy Kellion is Revealed

May I introduce you to Deputy Margaret Kellion of Auror's Tale played by none other than... well... me.

Via the Auror's Tale Tumblr!

"Meet Deputy Margaret Kellion, second-in-command at the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.


WAND: Rosewood, Dragon Heartstring, 11 inches


OCCUPATION: Deputy at The NYC Department of Magical Law Enforcment
BIO: She is strict, efficient and chic. Deput Margaret Kellion graduated as valedictorian of the Salem Academy of Magic in 1993 and was immediately made an Auror in Training thanks to her remarkable academic achievements. She was officially accepted onto the force in 1995 where she worked as a Junior Auror in the White House Relations Unit for one year and was made a Senior Auror there in 1997. During her time there, she earned herself a rather shadowy reputation. The decisions of the muggle politicians began to weigh on her and she sort of strayed. There are certainly rumors of minor involvement in Hellhound business from 1999-2003. In 2004 she cut all ties with the W.H.R.U. and took a job as a Senior Auror at the New York City Department of Magical Law Enforcement where she was partnered with one Christopher Munro. Later, in 2008, she and her partner were elevated to Deputy and Chief of the Department. She has served alongside him since then. Margaret is known for her organizational skills and defensive magic. She is a formidable duelist who works without flourishes or fanciness. This woman has no tolerance for nonsense but nobly preaches tolerance of magical and non-magical co-existence. She serves NYC proudly and gracefully."
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