Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Interwebs return, More parties and readings with cool people...

So after a ridiculous charade with both Verizon and Optimum, and lots of service people clomping around our apartment, I finally have internet again.

But life has been going on, online or no.

Last night I tagged along to the Dallas BBQ (it's okay, they have sides for us vegetarians, and the largest glasses of cocktail in the world) for a lively evening with the lovely and extremely talented Ann Aguirre. Ann has the best cover art and titles ever.


Great photos of our little shindig can now be found all over the glorious interwebs at:

SmartBitches (plus the always hysterical SB Sarah narrative) - Had a great time meeting the tour-de-force Maria and Marisa!

Ramblings on Romance - I'm so glad to have a new blog to check out regularly! Thanks ladies!

And tonight I just got back from an incredible reading of selections from the Shirley Jackson canon. It was a benefit for the Shirley Jackson Awards for "outstanding achievement in the literature of psychological suspense, horror, and the dark fantastic."

Remember "The Lottery" ?! Like, one of the most fabulously creepy short stories ever that leaves an indellible, scalded imprint on your brain? I forgot how GOOD her work is, and so influential!

It was an awesome evening with a ton of awesome people, authors, readers, industry professionals, not to mention meeting Peter Straub. ! and Jack Ketchum.

I love what we do. And I love the really cool people who do it.


Katie(babs) said...

I love Shirley Jackson! She is one of the masters of horror :D
It was great to meet at Dallas BBQ. Too bad we didn't have time for another huge margarita!

Leanna said...


There's always next time... I'm always up for a margarita the size of my head. :)