Friday, July 11, 2008

Moving, Radio Silence and Wonderful People...

Hello. I'm Leanna. And I'm a little frazzled. Moving into a new apartment in NYC is like preparing for world travel. Only there are no sightseeing pleasantries, only the hassle part of making arrangements and lots of heavy lifting. Particularly when it's a five floor walk up.

But we're in. We're living out of boxes and messy closets. Persebunny the fluffy white Bunny is adjusting slowly but surely and we're creatively hiding electrical cords from her unstoppable and hazardously curious teeth.

*danger danger*

We unpacked the microwave, installed the AC and put some curtains up. That's about it.

Oh, and did I mention there's no email access yet? Hence the radio silence. I feel like those who remain connected to the goings on of the 'interwebs' are light years ahead of me. I've been told I need to do Twitter. Okay, okay. *sigh* I need to keep up. But when you don't have a computer at your day job, keeping up is really, really hard. (Hence this internet cafe moment).

BUT a respite in all the madness: The incomparable Barbara Vey of Publisher's Weekly, who Drive-By-Videoed me at the Lori Foster Event and who is a constant delight. In town for ThrillerFest, she made some time for us (I love this photo, thanks Marianne's Blog!):

-Marianne Mancusi, Liz Maverick and Me-

And The Babs kindly blogged about us, which makes me feel super cool. You can hear about her NYC adventures (and about inadvertently talking her way into the Obama rally, really, I think she has superpowers) HERE. You can see the Rebels of Romance turn the tables on Babs and do a video of HER at Marianne's blog HERE.

Also met the lovely Sheila Clover English of Circle of Seven Productions, who is a genius at what she does- marketing and book-trailers extraordinaire- and happens to be really nice, fun and happens to live in the same tiny town that my college roommate was from, small world. Then the awesome Douglass Clegg showed up. COOL!

And now I must be off to Barnes & Noble and pick up some copies of DARK NEST that I ordered in for friends. I felt a little silly ordering my own book, but hey.

I may find myself back lurking at ThrillerFest again this weekend, I'm going to have to attend the whole conference next year since it seems so cool.


COS Productions said...

Meeting you was one of the highlights of my NY trip! I was so thrilled when you made it back a second time and I loved talking about theater and tourists with you! lol I hope to see you when next I make it to the Big Apple!


Leanna said...

Sheila! Ditto!! Absolutely can't wait to see you next go-round, I'll steal you away onto a tour bus! :) PS anyone ever tell you what a cool tattoo your logo would make? :)