Sunday, July 13, 2008

I got to tell my Hero he's an inspiration...

So last night a dynamic and stylish quartet (Marianne, Jacob, Marcos and I) set off towards "Salvation." It was the one year anniversary of the club night.

And who did they bring in to guest DJ but Ronan Harris, of my most favorite band:
VNV Nation (Victory Not Vengeance).

VNV Nation creates gorgeous, sweeping, intoxicating music with epic, poetic lyrics.

(photo by Dirk Eusterbrook for the FuturePerfect album)

Even though I was totally stage-struck, I had to walk up to Mr. Harris and tell him that he's an inspiration. Because he is, and I don't ever miss an opportunity to tell someone that their art moves me.

The beautiful song "Beloved" has been a key inspiration in the Victorian fantasy novel my agent and I are trying to sell. As soon as I get a contract, I hope to obtain permission to quote a paragraph of the lyrics on the front page to give full credit and props to beauty.

So I told him that his song inspired a book. While I simply know it to be true, I guess that's a pretty good compliment. He was so gracious. He said that it was about the best compliment ever and that he was speechless. Full of earnest smiles and wonderful energy, isn't it just thrilling when one of your heroes turns out to be the nice, gracious, approachable and kind human being that you hoped they would be? In addition to being so talented? Wow. Definately one of life's highlights.


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