Wednesday, September 2, 2009

DragonCon - the adventure begins!

And now on to the BOOK TOUR part of my whirlwind.
The Strangely Beautiful Haunted London Blog Tour is on hiatus due to my travels and Release Party in NYC on the 7th. It will resume again on the 11th at fellow Dorchester author Elisabeth Naughton's Blog. (see Haunted Tour Schedule).
Tomorrow I leave for the experience that is DragonCon! (And I get some quality time with my separated-at-birth Lee - and hang with my awesome NYC writer buds as well as meet new ones!)

I'm speaking on the following panel schedule on the DARK FANTASY TRACK - if you're at the Con - come say hi!


11:30-am in Mont/Van Room - NEW BLOOD - Debut Authors or New to the Track

1:00-pm in Mont / Van Room - A WRITER'S GUIDE TO GOTH AND PUNK

4:00-pm in Mont / Van Room MEMENTO MORI: GHOST STORIES

5:30- pm in Roswell (Hyatt) - PRINCESS ALETHEA'S TRAVELING SIDESHOW - in which there will be books, entertainment, free stuff, readings, all manner of vaudevillian or perhaps just villian behaviour... And in which I shall be dressed as Miss Percy Parker Herself. All white, all Victorian, eerie contacts and all...

Speaking of Alethea - check out our GENRE CHICKS interview for Ingram! Oh, you should see it in print in the Advance Magazine... it's all teacups and swirlies and script font and gorgeousness... *swoon*
And of course... On September 7th I return to NYC to host
And then comes the Ohio part of my Book Tour I'll talk about when I get closer to that part...

Whee!!!!! Atlanta, here I come!

Hey - don't forget about my CONTEST...



Jessica Kennedy said...

Have fun! Looking forward to some updates from your outings!

Mageela Troche said...

Have fun and don't waste all your energy. You still have Lady Jane's. And post, twitter--just make sure you share the fun [as you always do]

FSolomon said...

coming tonight with bells on my lady, and i still want you to get some rest!!!