Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Strangely Beautiful Week - Thanks Publishers Weekly and RNTV!

Indeed! What a week! It's flown by with stock signings all over this great city, outer boroughs included. I've been delighted to find my books on towers and other visible places. The week also saw me rolling on with the Haunted London Blog Tour, radio interviews and more!

Guess What?

"Six young men and women are called to protect the living world from the dead in Hieber’s Gothic romance debut. Mysterious powers give Alexi and his peers the mission of keeping the restless dead in line and seeking a prophesied seventh guardian. Miss Percy Parker, an albino orphan with a talent for languages, fills none of their expectations, but Alexi is drawn to her all the same. Hieber draws Victorian London as beautiful and grim, with depictions of Jack the Ripper as a nightmarish many-headed hound alongside charming descriptions of the Athens Academy, Percy’s boarding school, and Greek mythology that smartly draws together various elements of the story. The supporting characters are nuanced and appealing but given short shrift by the narrow focus on Percy and Alexi, though future sequels may give them more room to play. Hieber’s debut shows great potential, and readers will want to revisit her intriguing world." - Thanks PW! (See the web exclusive grouping upon which it appeared)
Come see why Stacey at RomanceNovel.tv named Miss Percy Parker as one of her favourite heroines during heroines week!
Thank you, Stacey!
New developments: RNTV / Lady Jane's Salon Book Club!
I'm so honoured that The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker has been selected as the launch book for RomanceNovel.TV's Lady Jane's Salon Book Club! You can be a part of it too! The Details.
RNTV has been releasing their lovely video interviews with me! Here's my take on Strangely Beautiful research!

(The rest of my videos with RNTV can be found here)
In other news/reviews:
ParaNormalRomance kindly reflects upon Miss Percy!
Silver says:
"... I enjoyed the story, especially Alexi's and Percy's romance, which is rather poignant and sweet. Gripping and with an on-the-edge-of-your-seat suspense, I found myself scrolling down (I read the ebook) as fast as I could to see what's going to happen next, especially toward the end of the book. This book is perfect for fans of the paranormal who enjoy a Gothic setting."
Thanks Silver! (The full review)
The Tome Traveller has lovely words for Miss Percy too! (I was immediately enchanted by the look of this blog!)
Carey says:
"This story weaves together the threads and echos of many beloved aspects of English Literature. It is steeped in Shakespeare and Greek Mythology, there are flashes of Poe, Dickens, Stevenson, shades of Gothic ghost stories and Victorian romance. Alexi himself reminded me of Edward Rochester from Jane Eyre, dark and brooding. Very well done, indeed, and filled with eloquent writing, too. This was a very enjoyable novel for me. ... Like ghost stories? Paranormal? Historical Fiction? Fantasy? English Literature? Then you will enjoy The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker, I certainly did!"
(Read the full review)
Out and about:
Kwana of Kwana Writes took me all about her lovely, truly lovely, neck of the woods to help me sign stock out beyond the city limits - thanks Kwana! It was so good to see her, and Stacey and her awesome Dad even came out to support me as they don't hail from far away - it's so good to have people with you in these sweet moments like this who know how long and hard this journey has been to this all-the-sweeter-for-the-struggle point.

Here's a photo of me and Biz of Biz Urban Photography on release day at the Barnes & Noble Lincoln Center signing, please note that poster behind us - Garrison Keillor will also be reading at said Barnes & Noble... Biz and I LOVE Prairie Home Companion and this made me feel like an utter rock star. You can bet I'll be there at his signing!
There are other reviews that have come down river as well and I'm a bit behind - I'm trying to keep up with the full list as it grows, ongoing and compiled at the book page of my website.
Don't forget, if you have a copy of Strangely Beautiful on hand- you can answer the Pop Quiz questions and enter my Contest for cool prizes!
Back to the whirlwind! See you on the Haunted London Blog Tour!


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Awesome review from PW! Congrats!

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