Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Strangely Beautiful Release Party!

Right on the heels of DragonCon...

A Strangely Beautiful Release Party at Lady Jane's Salon!

The night was, frankly, pure joy. I had some of my very, very best friends in all the world in one room. That's something that doesn't happen every day. I had friends come in from out of state, fellow writers, bloggers, friends, industry professionals (C.H. Admirand -who took this photo - and Tara Nina brought me flowers, champagne and a Tiara!!!!!! - I DID feel like a princess!! I was excited to see Tara win the Phoenix pendant we raffled off for Share The Love!) - it was such an honour and delight to share 9 years of labour with a crowd full of friends, friends who knew the hard work and tears shed along the way. Plus, getting the chance to thank the people on my acknowledgement page in person, in public, let me again express how none of us gets anywhere on our own, and how grateful I am for the village that made the "book of my heart" possible.

Dressed in my Victorian Regalia, I listened to my dearest Isabo Kelly read from one of my favourite of her many wonderful books, Thief's Desire. We indulged in Strangely Beautiful cocktails (blue-coloured, of course) and signed a lot of books!

And then I took the stage to read two of my own very favourite scenes from The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker. Thanks to Morgan of Miss Media Productions for these great photos!

I confess, I've missed being on stage, so the chance to read from my work (accents included and in appropriate attire) was SUCH a treat.

Thanks so much to everyone who was able to come out on a holiday weekend and support me, and all those who were there in spirit - it was one of the best nights of my life. 9 years. 9 years after my dear Miss Parker introduced herself to me, sweetly and kindly, it's now her month. I hope she's as excited as I am. (She's a little more scared and overwhelmed than me, surely.)

And a special thank you to my sweetheart for sharing his Birthday with this very special Salon night and being a Prince about it.
Oh, and the latest in REVIEWS!
1. I discovered my lovely August Fresh Fiction review!
2. The latest commendation from Bitten by Books!
3. And top ratings at A Romance Review!


Jessica Kennedy said...

How cool!
Glad it was such a blast!

Julia Smith said...

Oh, my lord - your gorgeous outfit gives me chills.

Your salon night looks like a superb crescendo to long years of toil and longing. Thanks for sharing it with those who couldn't attend in person.

Marcia J Sargent said...

I found your book on Amazon. I love paranormal and was ready to download it--when I realized it is not published on Kindle. I only read books on my Kindle now. It is incredibly convenient to carry about my 250 books to read in my purse and to have my 500 books read on my Kindle kept for redownload at any time with all my notes and highlights. Please talk to your publisher about publishing on Amazon as a Kindle book. Thank you very much.

Marcia Sargent

Leanna Renee Hieber said...

Thanks Jessica!!

Hi Julia! Thanks - I love that outfit and saved up special to buy it - it was my treat to myself when the book sold. And indeed, yes, thanks, it did feel just like that crescendo you describe after the 9 year journey from idea to print! Thanks for being a part of it virtually! :)

Hi Marcia!
Thanks for dropping in!

The date for going electronic should happen soon - I wish it were immediate but we authors have no control over that, however Dorchester is excited about making sure it goes into eBook and has every intention of it being available on Kindle at the end of this month! Thanks for your interest!

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

Love the bonnet and dress. :D

Debra Glass said...

Congrats on Strangely Beautiful's release! I can't wait to read it.