Saturday, April 23, 2011

No srsly guys I mean I really love Doctor Who...

In a lively Twitter girl-fight yesterday about who would win Doctor #10, I protested that I (an elder in this fight) had been in love with Doctor Who since I was 7 when the show ran on grainy reruns on PBS in the 80s and thusly I would win by sheer numerical loyalty. I even referenced my passionate 2010 DragonCon post about cosplaying Romana II from the City of Death episode as proof of my undying devotion and fact that K-9 and his nose laser would SO TOTALLY side with ME in a fight.

During this smackdown I realized that I never ended up posting the photo of our cosplay trio from said referenced DragonCon event, a trio that includes none other than one of my fave editors in the world, the uncannily Davison-like Stephen Segal as Doctor 4 into 5, and his oh-so-awesome dad Stu as The Master.

So here you go:

(I love how only The Master looks knowingly at camera):

I think we're pretty fabulous.

I've been challenged to cosplay Romana in her pink coat outfit from Destiny of the Daleks this year at DragonCon. *sigh* I mean, I never turn down a Doctor Who challenge, but really? A Goth girl in pink AND white? With BROWN boots?! That's SO not fair.


houndstooth said...

It's only for a day, and it's in character! Go for it!

Besides, pink is my favorite!


Leanna Renee Hieber said...

Ok... if you say so Bunny...

Mary Rodgers said...

Re: pink outfit..."It burns! It BURNS!" ;)
Now I really wish that I was going...

houndstooth said...

I somehow didn't think it would take a lot to convince you! ;) It'll be fun, and no doubt those pink pictures will be all over Facebook and the rest of the internet!