Saturday, June 7, 2008

OMG Barbara Vey drive-by-videoed me!

Oh, wow.

So I'm here, with my Mom, at the wonderful Lori Foster Reader and Writer Get Together to meet other writers, readers, connect, and give back to my hometown of Cincinnati with events sponsored for charity, and to do my first BOOKSIGNING! And guess who I cornered; the awesome Barbara Vey of Publisher's Weekly.

I walked up, introduced myself and handed her a copy of Dark Nest. She responded with what may become my first publicity coup. All I have to say is my terrified Mom was a total trooper and took one for the team to promote her daughter. I love you Barbara, and Mom. Lookie:

Leave a post on Barbara's blog and tell us what you think!


Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

Awesome Leanna! You are a rock star!

Leanna said...

Thanks Elizabeth!!! It was so fun. You should think about coming to the event next year. I got my prize book in the mail today, thank you! Can't wait to dive in!

Cindy Holby said...

Way Cool! Can't believe I missed it when it first went up. Course dead line hell might have something to do with it

Leanna said...

Hey Cindy! Don't worry, deadline hell excuses anything. ;) Thanks for checking in! How's that deadline looking? *sending good creative-juice vibes*