Thursday, August 6, 2009

Miss Percy Parker gets her cards read!

My heroine, the dear, strange, darling Miss Percy just got her very own Tarot reading! This is such an amazing treat, provided by the incredible Arwen Lynch at her lovely blog,
Musings on the Tarot. She used the World Spirit Tarot.

Wow. My jaw dropped and my spine tingled when I saw the cards and read her prognosis, and then I had to make Miss Percy sound like she wasn't as in thrall as her author was...

Let's just say Arwen knows what she's doing, she gave me some glorious chills. I rushed an advance copy of my book off to her in the mail so she could see just how right she is.

Check out the read, and Miss Percy's own responses, and enjoy Arwen's awesome, engaging, inspiring and always informative blog.

Thanks Arwen!!

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