Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Before I get going about release day, let me say THE STRANGELY BEAUTIFUL HAUNTED LONDON BLOG TOUR CONTINUES! Day 4! At Smexy Books! Drop in for the latest (and in my opinion scariest) ghost story yet! Win a free book!

Release Day Tuesday:
Wow what a day!

After doing some stock signings in the city and seeing my book has really been selling (P.S. seeing your book in a bookstore for the first time? NOTHING BETTER IN THE WORLD!), I got to go to Barnes and Noble Lincoln Triangle - a great venue - for a reading with other wonderful Dorchester authors (From L to R below): Charles Ardai, (me) Anna DeStefano and Jack Ketchum. I had such a good time reading, as I am an actress and haven't had any time to do theatre in a while, this suited me well and I deeply enjoyed it, nervous as I truly was. I had such a good time with these talented authors it was such an honor to be alongside them.

Thanks Morgan at Miss Media Productions for photos!

I love this picture of Kate from Babbling About Books and More and me. And even King Mho was there! Dressed in his cravat finery. :)

The room was PACKED! Thanks in no small part to my awesome friends! THANK YOU!
And being SOLD OUT of your first booksigning isn't a bad thing right? Was a little stressful for me as I wanted all my friends to be able to walk away with a book, but it was nice to know it's in demand!
I was delighted to see Rose and Josh of PW's awesome blog Genreville were there and I basked in their truly delightful company. They did video interviews with us!! Video will be forthcoming, I'll be sure to post.
Speaking of VIDEO:
Now on release day, RomanceNovel.TV rolled out the red carpet for me and took part in the Haunted London Blog Tour Action! They also posted new video interviews and I've got a great review posted by Stacey, she gave me top ratings and discussed why my Point of View and style choices worked so well in telling a complex story. Check out her well-presented thoughts! Stacey will actually be profiling Miss Percy Parker for Heroines Week at RNTV, where Percy has been praised for being wholly unique and utterly romantic so stay tuned on Aug. 29th for her thoughts!
From RNTV:

And Now...
One of my favourite, most glowing reviews yet, from Maryse Reviews:
Maryse Says:
"This novel (officially released today), has become, unequivocally, one of my favourite books (I was lucky enough to get a “sneak preview”). It is an amazing paranormal love story rivaling some of the sweetest tales. It will have you chuckling, teary eyed, and “love drunk” midway through."
And that's only the beginning. Visit her review to see some of her favourite excerpts and other lovely words. Thank you Maryse you really made my day with that one!
Just Brush up your Shakespeare for a quick Percy Parker Pop quiz, send the answers via my website and you're entered! Runs until September 16th.
Blessings! I'll see you on the HAUNTED LONDON BLOG TOUR!


Jessica Kennedy said...

Awesome video!

Very cool contest! Sent my answers to you! :)

See you soon on my blog! :)

Maryse said...

Leanna, I was so excited to finally read your book, and, again, I absolutely loved it! My husband mentionned that I had a funny "semi-smile" the whole time I read (good thing he wasn't around to see me during chapter 25!). I am delighted that you enjoyed my review, and am highly anticipating what comes next :)

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

OMG I didn't know someone took a picture of me! LOL. *hides face*

We should have had one with Mho! Tuesday was so much fun and you were amazing.

Marcia Colette said...

You are such a rock star. You go, girl! I only wish I could've been there with you. At least Baby Girl and I will see you at RT next year. ;-)

Julia Smith said...

Great review from Stacey - way to go, Leanna! Debut novel character for Heroines Week!

Thanks for posting the pictures. The reading looked very well-attended.

Leanna Renee Hieber said...

Thanks hon! Can't wait!

You are such a dear!! That's just such a wonderful compliment!

I love that pic, it's sweet and real.

Cannot WAIT to see you and baby girl!!

yeah, Stacey REALLY honoured me with that one, I'm humbled and grateful.