Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Strangely Beautiful Haunted London Blog Tour has begun!

Ohmigoodness, release day is 2 days away! In the meantime, The Strangely Beautiful Haunted London Blog Tour has begun! Follow that link for the schedule! Tomorrow I pick up at The Chatelaines!

Monday Susan Hanniford Crowley hosts a Launch Party for me! She's very generous and kind! There's excerpts, interview, notes and thoughts, and of course - a chance to win a free book!
Stop by!

Tuesday there's a Virtual Release day for me at Romance Novel TV, video interviews and another Haunted London stop!

I am so excited about this tour, in which I get the chance to tell the ghost stories I use in the book. Some of the stories I'd heard about in my ghost walk through London but then I picked up Richard Jones' Haunted London, which quickly became my bible. It's been one of my most utilized research sources.

Mr. Jones is, by the way, most kind and wonderful, he emailed me to thank me for the mention in the tour, offered help, and we're exchanging books. When one of your heroes gives you a thumbs up, it's such a glorious day. Visit his website here.

So in my Hurricane Promo about the internet you may also find me here:

Toni McGee Causey has interviewed me at a great haunt, MURDERATI. Stop in and see one of my favourite interviews. You can win Percy Parker and a Bobbie Faye book! (Bobbie Faye is one beloved heroine you do not want to miss)

I've an interview and dicussion running at THE BOOK BUTTERFLY - where a contest is being held for the book until September 10th. There's been a great Q and A going on!

Stay tuned for more press and reviews coming up this week! Tuesday is the big day!

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