Monday, March 17, 2008

DARK NEST is coming!

Well hello there, cyberspace.

How are you?

I'm fine, thanks.

So let's get to the point.

I'm here to do what an author's gotta do. Shout loudly about her upcoming release.


Y'all hear that?


It looks like this:

It's called DARK NEST, and it will be available from Crescent Moon Press.

Not yet. In May. I just want everyone to be prepared.

Here's what to expect, in a nutshell:

"Chief Counsel Ariadne Corinth has just found out her long-time lover, the powerfully gifted Chief Counsel Kristov Haydn, has died. Newly evolved psychically gifted humans have been sent by the Homeworld on a space mission aboard two distinct “Nests”. Relationships between the Light Nest and the Dark Nest have faltered and Ariadne is sure there’s something insidious behind it. In a matter of hours, Ariadne must find out what really happened to Kristov, unite her people to discover vast new powers the Homeworld denied them, or else submit to genocide."

And yes, the Dark Nest looks like the Cathedral of Notre Dame. In space. That's what I love about being an author. I can do things like that. I always wanted to go into Notre Dame. I always wanted to go into space. Well, hey.

Check back for release dates and further details! I may even sponsor a contest! Oooh!