Tuesday, July 28, 2020

A SUMMONING OF SOULS videos! Launch Party Conversation, Theatrical Readings! Rave Reviews!

Greetings, kindred spirits! Since we weren't able to have an in-person book launch, we recorded some readings and author conversation to celebrate the Spectral City finale, A SUMMONING OF SOULS, now available in digital and trade paperback wherever books are sold! Check out these release week theatrical readings and author conversations! 

First, Leanna reads a fun tidbit from the Summoning of Souls prologue!
Second, Leanna reads a cute scene from everyone's favorite slow-burn couple, Eve Whitby and Detective Jacob Horowitz, leading into a discussion with Spectral City series sensitivity reader and talented author Brina Starler. The two authors discuss the process of sensitivity reading, answer what a sensitivity reader is and how it can make books better and other craft and process insights. They also discuss their love of New York City and writing about it! 
Praise for A SUMMONING OF SOULS from Avalinah's Book Blog: 

"I really enjoyed the whole Spectral City series, as well as its ending, A Summoning of Souls. I really can say that I recommend this series to you wholeheartedly! It’s full of warmth and hope, and it’s just a book that may give you back some belief in the world. It is respectful, diverse, soft and very, very sweet!" - Avalinah's Book Blog - read the full, glowing review here! 

The Gothic Library, who always does an incredible deep-dive discussion on Gothic tropes and themes, does a positive, comprehensive review of A SUMMONING OF SOULS! A highlight: "I love the way that Leanna often defies Gothic genre conventions that tend to be rooted in sexism" - read the full review here!

Due to printer delays due to the pandemic, the physical shipping of the books have been delayed so THERE'S STILL TIME to get a signed copy of A SUMMONING OF SOULS and enter to win the grand prizes for both US and International Readers! All orders via WORD Brooklyn will be automatically entered to win a custom made accessory from Torch and Arrow! If you've ordered via another retailer and/or digitally, send proof of purchase to preorders at leannareneehieber dot com and you'll be automatically entered to win! One international reader will be chosen to win custom digital art! Contest ends Aug 3rd, winners drawn by Random.org. 

Cheers and Happy Haunting! 

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

A SUMMONING OF SOULS is Now Available Wherever Books are Sold!

THE SPECTRAL CITY series continues! Think of it as if THE ALIENIST met GHOST DETECTIVES, with action, spooky thrills, adventure, found family, psychic fireworks, sweet, slow-burn romance and a host of friendly spirits!

HAPPY RELEASE DAY, A SUMMONING OF SOULS! Book 3, The Spectral City Finale is NOW AVAILABLE WHEREVER BOOKS ARE SOLD! In digital and trade paperback!

While I plan a series of future novellas featuring these characters and The Ghost Precinct, THE SPECTRAL CITY series as it stands is a complete trilogy!

At the dawn of the twentieth century, New York City houses both the living and the dead. And when it comes to crimes of an otherworldly nature, it falls to the psychics and spirits of the city’s finest secret agency—The Ghost Precinct—to serve justice beyond the earthly realm . . .

The ethereal denizens of New York owe a great debt to Eve Whitby, the young talented medium who leads the all-female spiritualists in the police department’s Ghost Precinct. Without her team’s efforts on behalf of the incorporeal, many souls would have been lost or damned by both human and inhuman means.

But now Eve faces an enemy determined to exorcise the city’s ghostly population once and for all. Albert Prenze is supposed to be dead. Instead he is very much alive, having assumed the identity of his twin brother Alfred, and taken control of the family’s dubiously made fortune. With unlimited wealth at his disposal, Albert uses experimental technology to banish ghosts to an eternal darkness forever.

To achieve his vicious ends, Albert plots to manipulate Eve and twist her abilities into a psychic weapon—a weapon that not only poses a threat to spirits but to everyone she cares for, including her beloved Detective Horowitz . . .

The Spectral City is a spooky thrill . . .  filled to the brim with beauty and peril.”
Cherie Priest, Locus Award-winning author

“Otherworldly mystery [with] gorgeous writing and slow burn of a romance.”
National Public Radio on A Sanctuary of Spirits

Hieber’s momentous third Spectral City fantasy sees tensions in the spirit world come to an explosive head…It is extremely satisfying to witness the scrappy heroes rise up . . . Hieber’s latest fires on all cylinders.
Publishers Weekly on A Summoning of Souls

I LOVE this series so much! These really are books of my heart. I wrote them to reimagine a ghost story and to explore the possibilities of what haunted places can mean and the many possibilities of ghosts in historical fantasy. This book brings Eve and Jacob's adorable relationship to a whole new level of care, and the found family dynamic of my girl-gang of psychic mediums proves invaluable yet again, proving that love, determination and a fighting spirit seeking justice and compassion will always save the day. 

As you can imagine, during the pandemic, as a performer, tour guide, public speaker, convention presence and general public person, my income streams have been vastly limited so your support of this series has never been more helpful! Please tell a friend about this series, word-of-mouth is the best thing you can do for an author! Please leave a review on your favorite sites! 



Tuesday, July 14, 2020

A SUMMONING OF SOULS pre-order contest & 7/21 Virtual Launch Party via WORD!

Darlings! A SUMMONING OF SOULS (Spectral City # 3) is nearly here via Kensington Books, Now Available for Pre-Order wherever books are sold! We've a VIRTUAL launch party on 7/21 AND we've a pre-order campaign with awesome prizes for US as well as INTERNATIONAL readers! Check out the following details:

Come celebrate release day with us, 7/21 at 7:30pm EST on InstagramLive via WORD BOOKSTORE!

I'll be in conversation with the amazing Brina Starler, who is not only a fiercely talented writer but has been one of my main sensitivity readers for the entire Spectral City series and she has wonderful insights about what that process is like and we'll be discussing the process of quality, inclusive fiction and much more! Theatrical Reading! Ghost Stories! Don't miss it!

As always, if ordering from the wonderful independent books tore WORD, please note to whom you'd like the book signed in the "notes" section of the order!

Everyone who orders a signed, print, trade paperback copy of A SUMMONING OF SOULS via WORD will automatically get a bunch of fun Hieberverse goodies & coupons inside AND will also be entered to win the grand prize: for US readers, that's a hand-made, custom-commissioned accessory order per your delight and preference from the Torch and Arrow Etsy store! International Readers! I don't want to leave you out! International orders will be entered to win a custom commission of digital art and/or illustration from talented artist and writer (and my business partner) Thom Truelove! Winners chosen the evening of 7/22 via Random.org!

Have you already pre-ordered A SUMMONING OF SOULS digitally for your eReader? Have you already pre-ordered the print edition from another retailer / bookseller? Never fear! You can still be entered into the contest for the grand prizes! Just email a sales confirmation # and/or redacted proof of purchase to preorders@leannareneehieber.com and you'll be entered to win! Please note whether yours is an international or US order.

A SUMMONING OF SOULS might be my favorite book I've ever written. It's gotten a lot of wonderful praise from Publisher's Weekly to book bloggers to podcasters and more. It's got a TON of love, heart, spirit, joy, fight and light infused throughout the narrative. It's been a joy to work on the Spectral City trilogy and I can't wait to share this finale with you! As always, word-of-mouth is the BEST thing for any series so please let friends, family and fellow readers know about this exciting Gothic, Gaslamp Fantasy series full of ghosts and a psychic girl-gang here to save the day!

Remember to order your signed, print, trade paperback copies via WORD - please support this series and an amazing independent bookstore (support for indie bookstores has never been more important than now!) all at the same time!

Other Sales Links:
Paperback via IndieBound
General copies in digital or trade paperback via Barnes and Noble
Kindle or trade paperback via Amazon

As always, Cheers and Happy Haunting! - Leanna

On the Many Possibilities of Ghost Stories...

As we gear up to A SUMMONING OF SOULS on 7/21, One of my very favorite blogs, THE GOTHIC LIBRARY, hosted me for a discussion on the many possibilities of ghost stories and why I choose to write ghosts in the manner in which I do. I've seen reviewers for this series enthusiastically support my choice to write a different kind of ghost story through the course of THE SPECTRAL CITY series. Here are insights into why...