Sunday, November 29, 2015

What to expect from ETERNA & OMEGA and why not to be afraid of THE ETERNA FILES Cliffhanger...

Hello friends,

I've been neck deep in revisions for the second book in the ETERNA FILES series, titled ETERNA AND OMEGA, releasing August 2016, as well as the page proofs for the amazing new edition of Strangely Beautiful, releasing April 2016. (With the paperback edition of ETERNA FILES releasing Feb 2016). Working on the next Eterna and the omnibus of my first two novels, all the stories wove together in my mind in a rich, heady soup and with some of the characters crossing over from Strangely into Eterna, it was a field day of my whole book career in swirling editorial speed.

Yesterday I dove into the first draft of ETERNA book 3, as my editor at Tor and I hope to be able to release the 3rd Strangely Beautiful book and the 3rd Eterna book within the same year (2017). So I've got my work cut out for me and I love the prospects. The characters have some wonderful things in store and I can't wait to see the paces they put me through, exhausting as they can often be, and share it all with you.

I'm full of fuel and fire after the extensive revisions on ETERNA AND OMEGA, and I'm very excited about these next ETERNA installments. I'm a character-driven author and I really love what my characters and I have come to in their adventures. The cover concept is fantastic so far, with a few more tweaks ahead, I look forward to the final cover reveal.

I wanted to share a few tidbits of what I'm most excited about in the forthcoming ETERNA novel, and address a few concerns trending through some of the reviews of ETERNA book one.

If you were concerned about either the cliffhanger ending of THE ETERNA FILES, or the fact that the first novel keeps both of my X-files-like teams apart in a parallel narrative between New York and London, let me reassure you...


- Picking up right where The Eterna Files left off, right at that cliffhanger ending
- The teams meet up and boy are there some fireworks...
- Really fun scenes featuring The Guard from the Strangely Beautiful saga
- A return of Miss Natalie Stewart
- Harold Spire is a badass
- Adira Wilson is a badass
- Clara Templeton comes into her Spiritualist own and takes paranormal charge
- Harold Spire creatively uses fire (to be a badass)
- One hell of a spooky parade
- Haunted, haunted houses
- Myriad perilous situations
- Mesmerism!
- Hints of fairly adorable and/or delicious romance
- Fabulous teamwork leading to inextricable bonds

If all of this sounds up your alley and you were one of those on the fence about THE ETERNA FILES, come join me in this Gothic, Gaslamp Fantasy romp full of colorful characters across New York and London in 1882, where trying to find the cure for death opens up realms far more deadly...

And yes, by the way, while the cover of ETERNA AND OMEGA isn't finalized yet, there are some tweaks to be done, it IS available for PRE-ORDER!

Cheers and as always, HAPPY HAUNTING!

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