Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Eterna Files (Book 1) in paperback is here! With praise!

Happy Paperback Release, THE ETERNA FILES!

Hello Darling Readers! The mass-market paperback edition of THE ETERNA FILES is now available wherever books are sold!
In celebration of this happy release week, and the fact that the sequel ETERNA & OMEGA is available for pre-order, I thought I'd share some very nice, lovely things reviewers and magazines have said about THE ETERNA FILES, book one in the Eterna Files trilogy with Tor Books:
"Hieber blends historical fact and paranormal fiction with ease, creating a world that is lush and fascinatingly strange, and reveals her secrets sparingly, keeping fans on edge for more information about these intriguingly powerful characters and the ties that bind them. Smart, boundlessly creative gaslamp fantasy." - RT Book Reviews
“A very different but unique book that definitely had me turning the pages wondering what would happen next. A very good start to what looks like a promising series.” – Books of Love
The Eterna Files is an intriguing tale of ghosts, spirits, the occult, politics, and espionage with complex and engaging characters.  Leanna Renee Hieber has brought the Victorian world to life in her novel.  The world in which her characters reside in is both romantic and terrifying.  The late nineteenth-century was on the precipice of immense change--a change that was both intoxicating and terrifying, which is reflected within the novel.  Leanna Renee Hieber knows her history and employs her knowledge well in her novel.  The Eterna Files simply crackles with the energy of the era, and is a haunting, lush, and intelligent fantasy.” – Michelle Hamilton, author of “I Would Still Be Drowned in Tears”: Spiritualism in Abraham Lincoln’s White House
“It’s always a pleasure for me to read something that’s not quite like anything I’ve read before. The Eterna Files is just such a book. There are ghosts and murders and kidnappings and dark magic and all kinds of other gothic goings on. Hieber’s prose is well wrought and seductive, and her knowledge of the Victorian era is formidable. The Eterna Files is a darkly gothic concoction, mixing mystery, horror and romance… well worth your time.” – Singular Points
“Addicted. I am officially addicted to Leanna Renee Hieber’s writing. I fell in love with The Eterna Files from the very first page. Hieber has a wonderful way of creating rich historical worlds that draw you in and keep you enthralled. It is difficult to imagine the days when America and Great Britain were enemies, but [the setting] is barely a hundred years after the Revolution and both countries are hunting the same prize. It is easy to see how both would see each other as the enemuy and not the ally they are today. If you love a mystery, gothic fiction, and an all-around good story, you need to read this book.” – RoseReads

"Excellent first installment in a unique new series. Hieber expertly blends intriguing supernatural elements and interesting, quirky characters in an authentic historical setting. Readers who enjoy a skillful mixture of history and paranormal elements will be well pleased." - Carol Malcom for Bitten by Books
"An interesting blend of genres with a unique premise." - The BiblioSanctum
"A case study in cliff-hangers. Hieber crafts a wonderful Victorian sandbox to play in, draping it in the fineries of the paranormal and mystical. The Eterna Files is a terrific ride set in a world that you'll want to return to. Fans of all things mystical, Victorian and goth need apply posthaste." - Pop Kernal
"A wonderful premise. Hieber is a great writer! I love her prose; it's romantic, detail oriented, atmospheric and very intelligent." - Talk Supe
"Rich in conceits as anything from Alan Moore, Hieber’s novel mixes action and the emotional lives of its characters into a fascinating stew." - Paul Di Filippo for Asimov's Magazine
“Extremely descriptive; the supernatural plot is intriguing. The author has offered up a rainbow of characters, from the guilt-ridden to the intellectual to the satirical, which will have readers champing at the bit for more.” – Suspense magazine
“Hieber carves out a chillingly reimagined Gilded Age in careful detail.”  - Kirkus Reviews
“The alternating plotlines seem equally urgent, riddled by murders and bearing the taint of madness. Both settings take the time to introduce a fascinating array of offbeat characters.” Faren Miller, Locus
“An incredibly gripping Holmesian gothic story with supernatural undertones that will send a cold shiver down your spine on the hottest of days. I felt instantly close to the main characters on both sides of the battle as the darkening plot twists whisked me toward the thrilling and emotional end. An engaging, fast-paced, mystery-laden story.” – The Found Girl
I'm very grateful for the lovely praise. I know the cliff-hanger ending of this novel has made some folks very nervous, don't worry, it will all be revealed soon as the series continues in just a few months!
If you aren't already aware, characters from my Magic Most Foul saga as well as my Strangely Beautiful saga appear prominently throughout the Eterna Files trilogy so be prepared to welcome back old friends to new terrors! (The poor dears!)  
I truly hope you'll all go out and support the book in paperback, digital or hardcover edition this week if you haven't already. (Thank you from the bottom of my spooky heart to all of you who have supported the book so far!) The first week's sales of any release are the most important and examined sales numbers we receive, so your support is extra appreciated these release weeks, though it is appreciated and vital at any time. If you like my work, please tell friends, family and like-minded readers as word of mouth is the backbone of any author's career! I have the best readers in the world and I want everyone to know it!
My convention season starts at the end of this month with the fabulous ANACHROCON in Atlanta, hope to see some of you there!
Thank you, bless you, and as always, happy haunting! - Leanna Renee