Monday, November 30, 2020

It's Cyber Monday! My WHOLE Etsy shop is on sale until Dec 2, including all my signed books!

 Hello Dear Readers! 

Some of you may or may not know that in addition to being an author, an actor, a playwright and a ghost tour guide, I also have an Etsy shop! Check out Torch and Arrow!

It's ALL on sale this Cyber Monday! The whole shop! Many listings also have free shipping enabled! Any purchase of $35 and up gains free domestic (US) shipping as well! 

Torch and Arrow is a quirky, eclectic, magical place where my business partner Thom Truelove and I create new delights, talismans, art, accessories and treasures out of vintage parts, or restore vintage pieces to their original splendor. 

We operate with a Gothic, Steampunk, Neo-Victorian aesthetic, with an eye for meaning, mythology, symbolism and mysticism. 

We also have more than a few nods to specific fandoms. (Doctor Who, to be precise.) 

Thom designed this limited-edition special print lanyard in the exact pattern of the infamous, iconic, extra long scarf of Tom Baker's incarnation as the beloved 4th Doctor. 
I made a choker out of one of these scarf patterns as well, with an option for a clock fob. The lanyards ship free in the US!

Many of our pieces also come with added charity initiatives as well. It's a hard time for everyone, but it's definitely hard for non-profits too. We're trying to do what little we can. 

A few examples:

All bat items, whether pins, necklaces, accessories, each unique and re-imagined piece also comes with the promise of helping those most adorable of Goth creatures! I donate portions of every bat item sale to the Lubee Bat Conservancy! Lubee is run by wonderful folks who save, rescue, educate and promote conservation efforts. Bat colonies have suffered this year due to violence and misunderstanding. Help these sweet sky puppies and treat yourself to a cute bat quarter necklace at the same time! 

Another example of portions of profits going to charity, any of our Oscar Wilde pieces helps support the vital work of The Trevor Project. Poe pieces help support the Poe Museum in VA alternating with the Bronx Historical Society which helps upkeep Poe's Bronx cottage. 

Please support small businesses like Torch and Arrow this holiday season! I'm not going to lie, it's been a rough year. Thom and I make our living as full-time artists, public speakers, performers and writers relying on public appearances and conventions. All of those have vanished this year along with all my in-person media and tour guide events, leaving just writing contracts (which I'm very blessed to have but they pay infrequently) and our online shop. So your support keeps us afloat! Have a look and stock up ahead of the holiday rush! Most of our items are one of a kind so if you see something, grab it before someone else does! 

Did I also mention you can get signed, personalized copies of ALL of my books? 

If you missed the signed pre-order campaign for A SUMMONING OF SOULS, the absolutely thrilling and acclaimed finale in the Spectral City trilogy of novels, you can pick up a copy in my shop! And for this limited time, everything is on sale! The store-wide shop sale ends at midnight December 2nd! 

Cheers and as always, Happy Haunting!