Sunday, September 30, 2018

THE SPECTRAL CITY Cover & Good News!

Hello dear readers!

Recently the fantastic BOOK SMUGGLERS hosted the COVER REVEAL for my next novel, THE SPECTRAL CITY, launching 11/27 from Kensington!

Please hop over and visit the Book Smugglers to read about my inspirations, hopes and dreams for this series.

Isn't the cover GORGEOUS?!

If you enjoyed Natalie Stewart, Lord Denbury and Evelyn Northe-Stewart from my Magic Most Foul and Eterna Files books, you'll LOVE the Spectral City as it picks up years in the future when Lord and Lady Denbury's daughter Eve begins a new adventure; leading The Ghost Precinct of mediums and ghosts helping the NYPD solve weird cases in 1899 NYC!

And other good news! 

One of the most frequent questions I get is: Do you have audio books? Well, yes, I shall!
The audio rights for THE SPECTRAL CITY series have sold to Tantor and will be available simultaneously in several formats. (No, I will not be doing the narration. Not for lack of wanting to, but because the company uses in-house talent. I hope to be doing a few of my shorter works in the future, stay tuned!)

You can pre-order the eBook, print paperback and the Audio CD from any of your favorite retailers! Amazon, Barnes and Noble.

Check out Kensington's exciting pre-order campaign where if you show a proof of purchase, you can get cool swag!

Cheers and Happy Haunting!