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PERILOUS PROPHECY: A Strangely Beautiful series prequel is up for Pre-Order via Barnes & Noble!

DARLINGS! Behold! The gorgeous, spectacular cover of PERILOUS PROPHECY, A Strangely Beautiful Novel, the prequel previously known as The Perilous Prophecy of Guard and Goddess has now arrived. Newly revised and refreshed, Barnes & Noble did an exclusive cover reveal and it is NOW AVAILABLE FOR PREORDER! Releasing 6/20/17 from Tor Books! Isn't it beautiful! Be sure to preorder a copy in trade paperback or digital!

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Hold On To The Light blog: Art as Healer

I want to thank the wonderful and inspiring Gail Martin, who I signed beside at Larry Smith Booksellers at DragonCon for a thrilling hour, for letting me know about the Hold On to The Light campaign for mental wellness. She’s as delightful and powerful as her books.

Being involved with this is fitting, because phrases about holding on to the light have been my exact inscription on most of the books I’ve signed for readers, or variations therein. Holding onto light, both figurative and literal, is the crux of my entire STRANGELY BEAUTIFUL series.

So I’ve had a dark side all my life. That in and of itself is nothing to fear, I revel in a Halloween-Town sort of life, I'm one of those "Perky Goths". However, dressing all in black since my teen years aside, I have had intense periods where I’ve struggled with specific kinds of depression.

The course of my life’s work has been to find ways to dive into tumultuous, deep, treacherous psychological waters and navigate them in a way that is useful, helpful, healthy and societally constructive. My books are the result of that journey. I myself struggle to find words. But my characters are my mediums, and they channel what I want and need to say in a (hopefully) entertaining and engaging way.

Here’s a brief section illustrating why I’ve found a haven in Goth and Gothic culture and literature, and why I will always be an artist lifting up these themes, a premise that has been life-saving for me. I find my characters say it better than I can, so if you'll indulge them... 

This is a scene between Nathaniel Veil, a performer of Gothic drama and my steeled-mettle heroine Natalie Stewart in The Twisted Tragedy of Miss Natalie Stewart:

"Well hello there," Mister Veil said appreciatively. "You're not one of my Association. That must make you the lovely Miss Stewart, Jonathon's girl. I was warned you'd be coming," he grinned, showcasing the fangs from a vampiric bit that he'd retained for the rest of his show.

“I am indeed Miss Stewart. The lovely part is up to you.”

Nathaniel laughed, putting fingers to his mouth. With one snap, the fangs were gone. Part of me was sad to see the illusion fade.

“You play a vampire, but do you believe in them?” I asked. "In all the characters and creatures you portray?"

Nathaniel considered this as he placed his teeth into a jar of faux incisors. "Vampires surely exist, in one way or another. Something that preys on human life? I’ve seen that well enough. Fantasy is the only way we can understand reality.” There was a darkness to his tone. A familiar one. “The world is full of devils and thieves, Miss Stewart. To make the darkness playful is the only way to survive it. We must externalize that which might kill us otherwise.”

I nodded. “Jonathon described you as unapologetically melancholy. I find it refreshing. I’ve terrible nightmares. They don't make for pleasant conversation. But life isn’t always pleasant, is it?”

Nathaniel shook his head, gauging me with an intensity that surpassed custom. It was thrilling and off-putting all at once. “Funny. Jonathon didn’t say I couldn't stand close to you. I’d have thought he knew me better.” He took a step closer. I could feel heat coming off his powerful form. Perhaps Jonathon only kept company with men who were, as he was: distinct, bold, and impossible to ignore…

“Is this what you say to all those young women there in the gallery, swaying in black-”

“My Association.”

 I raised an eyebrow. He explained:

 “We are united in melancholy, nothing more. We revel in it, turning our black hearts outward to find joy. We cannot remain in shadow's ecstasy always, so we must make a game of it. Would you like to join us? I'm not usually forthcoming with strangers. But, alas, you've disarmed me.”
Beaming, he produced a card. In bold, elegant script the card declared membership to:

 “Her Majesty’s Association for Melancholy Bastards.”

I couldn't help but chuckle. Turning over the card, it read:

President: Hamlet
Vice President: Edgar A. Poe
Social Chair: Mary Shelley
Secretary: Ophelia
Treasurer: Manfred, Lord of Otranto

Grinning, I looked up from the card to see Nathaniel looking rather pleased with himself. “Brilliant,” I agreed.

“Would you like to join?”

I gave him a wary look. “Is there a membership ritual?”

“I’ll forgo the bloodletting for you,” he said and laughed when I looked wary, gesturing that I keep the card. “Show this at the theatre door whenever I play, and they’ll let you into the pit. We’re self-selecting. We don’t want anyone making fun or starting trouble. It’s why there’s a dress code- grand dark aesthetic aside- it shows you want to play in the spirit of community and camaraderie.”

The way his art defined yet didn’t overwhelm him was wonderful. He didn’t take himself too seriously, which made me take him utterly so.

“Some are born with darkness," Nathaniel stated. "Some have darkness thrust upon them." He turned to his mirrors to wipe a bit of kohl from his eyes. “I hear you and Jonathon were put through quite the trial. He wasn't born with darkness, so it was thrust upon him. You?”

“Thrust upon me and always pressing in. You?”         

“Born with it,” he stated airily. "And when you're born with melancholy you learn how to live with it or else you die of it. Simple as that."

I knew it wasn't as simple as that. My disability proved that rising above challenges, no matter what kind, took discipline and ritual. Veil had figured out his ritual, and once learned, the discipline seemed simple. It was the work of a lifetime.

(end of excerpt)
In a much broader swath of thoughts and experiences, my ETERNA FILES series, the latest of which just released, ETERNA AND OMEGA, is a Gaslamp Fantasy series of Supernatural Suspense set in 1800s New York City and London. These books are made up of a wide spectrum of quirky characters from numerous diverse backgrounds. These characters deal with all kinds of issues and struggles, private and public, and for them, battling the paranormal helps them with battling their own internal demons.
I take the exact tack my character Mister Veil takes, in making difficult, trying and extreme themes, one’s own pit and pendulum, something to play with, understand and utilize, rather than letting it be the defining tone, trying never letting abject despair win without a good-natured fight.
My character of Clara Templeton is extremely close to my heart, as her struggles to find balance, internally and externally are carefully calibrated. She is sensitive on many levels, and her sense of purpose is a driving force in her character, as it is in my own. For her there are a lot of grey areas, and she navigates them only by finding a loving and supportive community of friends and chosen family, a “beloved community” that help to protect her even from a distance, as there are things some of us all must walk through and fight autonomously.
My work is dark, rich and complex, as no genre dealing with the kinds of psychological extremes that the Gothic posits should ever be less than complicated and fully realized, allowing for the full breadth of humanity’s capability. That’s how I deal with every struggle, I let it become part of my artistic understanding, trying never to allow ups and downs to rule me, trying to let a forward momentum of productive hope to power me and the atmospheric stories I tell.
I, like every one of my characters in all of my books, seek balance and autonomy, supportive, non-toxic systems and communities, and try to live in strength and hope, trying to enjoy life’s challenges rather than being scared of them or beholden to them.
Art is how I deal with the world and greet the world, it is my core identity entwined with a rock-solid faith in a loving, accepting deity. I try to actively avoid bitterness and negativity and keep my characters sensitive to and aware of those jagged rocks as well.
During this month of mental health awareness, I hope everyone finds positive and enjoyable ways to express their best selves, in safe spaces, filled with good humor, delight, and beauty. May you keep a lit candle of hope burning bright and kindle pride at fighting the good fight for peace.
Cheeers and as I always say... Happy Haunting!

Leanna Renee

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From the Hold On To the Light campaign: If you want to get even more hands-on, please consider donating to or volunteering for organizations dedicated to treatment and prevention such as: American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Home for the Warriors (PTSD), National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), Canadian Mental Health Association, MIND (UK), SANE (UK), Beyond Blue (Australia), To Write Love On Her Arms and the National Suicide Prevention Hotline.

Visit the public FB group for other participating authors and information! 

Catching up: Interviews, Convention Recap and More!

Hello Dear Readers!

Goodness it’s been a whirlwind 6 weeks!
Beginning with an incredible final Authors After Dark in Savannah at the beginning of August, I went directly on to launch Eterna and Omega in my Cincinnati hometown, I then continued on a convention spree!
Next up I was a returning featured TempleCon guest in Rhode Island, a perennial favorite, where I presided over the High Tea and was asked to emcee the beautiful fashion show in addition to signing lots of books to a fantastic group of readers.

The next day, I went directly out to Chicago and then on to Milwaukee for a Boswell Books event with one of my favorite authors and a dear friend, Mary Robinette Kowal, who was presenting one of my favorite books of all time, her brilliant Ghost Talkers. Also joining us was Ada Palmer, whose incredible Too Like the Lightning really stunned us with its clever conceit and rich prose.

Here we are in period costumes appropriate to our work!
Then came the ever jaw-dropping DragonCon, where I was on a record 12 panels across the host venues! Many of these panels featured some of the most passionate and insightful commentary and questions I’ve encountered in all my years, I’m so blessed to be able to connect with such incredible fellow authors, track directors and the best fans in the whole wide world. Love y'all. Entirely selling out of books is a great feeling!
Leanna's on-site interview with GW Pomichter ⭐️ #spacecoastcomiccon #hangingwith #florida #eternafiles
Alethea Kontis captures me mid-interview
Then... southward bound with my beloved Alethea Kontis, the princess herself, to join Space Coast ComicCon in Florida, where the staff and fans are fantastic. I was approached to do a fun "Hangin’With" video interview with Garret Pomichter, found here, and had a lovely time.

In the midst of the convention run, because I'm always working, I also happened to be on a killer deadline for a very different and unique new project I’ll be able to announce later this month. I managed to turn that challenging project in, along with a few short stories and confirmations about another few anthologies I’m honored to be featured in, can't wait to announce those as well.

If you missed my epic Twitter rants about the ending of Penny Dreadful or missed my Facebook link to this post, I wrote a very important essay on Feminism and the Gothic that the fine folks at Fantasy Café asked me for. I put a lot of heart and soul into this one.

And because I just can't miss an opportunity to share my excitement about the latest books, I was interviewed for two podcasts of recent note and relevant interests:
And I was also able to join Jason Henderson on his Castle of Horror podcast for another lively discussion on Gothic Victorian settings and explaining just what, exactly, is Gaslamp Fantasy.

AND the wonderful Kevin Steil, the Airship Ambassador himself, is featuring me in an incredible multi-post interview! Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, more to come.
If you’ve missed me at any of my recent events, signed copies of ETERNA AND OMEGA can be found at the following locations:
Barnes and Noble, Streets of West Chester store, Cincinnati, Ohio
Barnes and Noble Union Square, NYC
Barnes and Noble 5th Avenue, NYC
Morris Jumel Mansion, NYC
Barnes and Noble Oglethorpe, Savannah, GA
Boswell Books, Milwaukee, WI
And signed, personalized books can always be ordered through my page at WORD Bookstore in NYC!
Or via my Etsy store!

Cheers, blessings, stay tuned for my “Hold On to the Light” post thanks to author Gail Z. Martin during Mental Health Awareness month.
Again, please, if you enjoy my work, please consider leaving an Amazon review and telling your friends about them! If enough people do, it helps ensure my series books will have future installments. As always,

Happy Haunting!


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Leanna's DragonCon schedule!

And now: DragonCon panels! 

I'm doing a lot this year as usual, please note the Sideshow on Friday and my reading on Sunday are the best places to get books signed and buy new ones! I'll have copies of the new Strangely Beautiful, The Eterna Files, my new Eterna and Omega, some of my medals and jewelry and Pandora's Pets! See you there! Cheers!

Leanna Renee Hieber

Title: Alternate History YA Author Roundtable
Description: Alternate History authors gather for a roundtable discussion on the challenges around writing Alternate History YA with regard to knowing your audience, world building, and the delicate balance of historic treatments of age, race, and gender, alongside good storytelling.
Time: Fri 11:30 am Location: 204 J - Mart2 (Length: 1 Hour)
(Tentative Panelists: Eric R. Asher, A. J. Hartley, Leanna Renee Hieber)

Title: Back in Time: Historical Urban Fantasy
Description: Our panelists explore supernatural beings and magic occurring in historical real-world settings.
Time: Fri 02:30 pm Location: Chastain DE - Westin (Length: 1 Hour)
(Tentative Panelists: Delilah S. Dawson, Clay and Susan Griffith, David B. Coe, Cherie Priest, Leanna Renee Hieber, James R. Tuck)

Title: Penny Dreadful Fan Panel
Description: Penny Dreadful has ended its run after three seasons. So, what did we think of the series as a whole? Do we feel it was a successful finale?
Time: Fri 04:00 pm Location: Peachtree 1-2 - Westin (Length: 1 Hour)
(Tentative Panelists: Michelle Belanger, James A. Moore, Cherie Priest, Catherine M. Scully, Leanna Renee Hieber)

Title: Princess Alethea's Traveling Sideshow
Description: Join this motley band of talented (and costumed) authors for an entertaining hour of readings, musical numbers, and more. Swag for the first 40!
Time: Fri 07:00 pm Location: A707 - Marriott (Length: 1 Hour)
(Tentative Panelists: Alethea Kontis, Leanna Renee Hieber, E.C. Myers, Gray Rinehart, Mari Mancusi, S. J. Tucker)

Title: Spiritualism and the Occult in Victorian Times
Description: While the Victorian era was a time of great technological advancement, many prominent citizens including Queen Victoria had a fascination with the occult. Come hear our panelists discuss spiritualism, seances, and the beginnings of serious scientific investigation into otherworldly phenomena.
Time: Fri 08:30 pm Location: 204 J - Mart2 (Length: 1 Hour)
(Tentative Panelists: Leanna Renee Hieber, Kathryn Hinds, Catherine M. Scully)

Title: Writing for the Young Adult Market
Description: Since Harry Potter exploded on the young adult book scene, the market itself is on fire. How do writers take advantage of this challenging and lucrative market?
Time: Sat 07:00 pm Location: Embassy CD - Hyatt (Length: 1 Hour)
(Tentative Panelists: Leanna Renee Hieber, Mari Mancusi, Catherine M. Scully, Lou Anders, Eric R. Asher, Lindsay Cummings)

Title: Phantom of the Opera: Music, Masks, and Madness
Description: The legacy of Gaston Leroux’s immortal novel and its many adaptations.
Time: Sat 08:30 pm Location: Chastain I - Westin (Length: 1 Hour)
(Tentative Panelists: L. Andrew Cooper, John L. Flynn, Leanna Renee Hieber, Corvis Nocturnum)

Title: Living with the Dead: Ghosts, Spirits & Necromancers in UF
Description: Our panel explores ghosts, spirits and those who communicate with them.
Time: Sat 10:00 pm Location: Chastain DE - Westin (Length: 1 Hour)
(Tentative Panelists: Eric R. Asher, Leanna Renee Hieber, Myke Cole, Jonathan L Howard, David B. Coe, E.J. Stevens)

Title: Reading: Leanna Renee Hieber 
Time: Sun 01:00 pm Location: Vinings - Hyatt (Length: 1 Hour)
(Tentative Panelists: Leanna Renee Hieber)

Title: Genre-Bending--Making it Work for You
Description: Great ideas sometimes splatter across genre divisions. How can it work to your benefit? How can you turn that great idea into a great novel?
Time: Sun 05:30 pm Location: Embassy CD - Hyatt (Length: 1 Hour)
(Tentative Panelists: Lee Martindale, Lois H. Gresh, Leanna Renee Hieber, Richard Kadrey)

Title: Bride of Dreadpunk
Description: In 2015, some fans of Victorian Horror screwed around for an hour. One year later, we grapple with the question: what the hell is dreadpunk?
Time: Sun 08:30 pm Location: Peachtree 1-2 - Westin (Length: 1 Hour)
(Tentative Panelists: Leanna Renee Hieber, Cherie Priest, Jonathan L Howard)

Title: The Dark Side of Alternate History
Description: One of the enduring tropes of steampunk is its unflagging optimism. Yet many alternate histories and historical fantasies have darker views of events. Steampunk zombies, alternate apocalypses and intrigue abound, and this panel explores what happens when optimism gives way to a darker reality.
Time: Mon 11:30 am Location: 204 J - Mart2 (Length: 1 Hour)
(Tentative Panelists: Michael J. Martinez, Chandra Free, Leanna Renee Hieber, James R. Tuck)‎

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Happy Book Birthday to my latest Gothic, Gaslamp Fantasy ETERNA AND OMEGA, now available from Tor!

Happy Book Birthday to Eterna and Omega, the exciting follow up to The Eterna Files, a gritty, Gothic, Gaslamp fantasy set in 1882 New York and London as two paranormal investigative teams are pitted against each other by a dark force and must begin to work together for the sake of their cities.
Kirkus Reviews has named Eterna and Omega an August release not to miss! Now available wherever books are sold, in digital and hardcover! Signed copies are available at WORD in Brooklyn! I also signed copies for the Barnes & Noble Oglethorpe / Savannah, GA store!
Events: There’s a launch event, reading and signing tonight at Barnes & Noble West Chester, Ohio at 7pm! If you’re a Cincinnati local and can’t make it tonight, signed copies will be available. In NYC, another incredible event, reading, ghost-tour and fashion presentation (come in your gothic / steampunk best for a costume contest) at the Morris-Jumel Mansion in Manhattan, August 11th at 7pm! Tickets $15 at door, proceeds go to the Mansion’s ongoing restoration fund and includes wine, soda, food and other perks!
If you missed my FREE Eterna prequel novella “The Spark”, it’s here via the Tor / Forge Blog, no download necessary, just click! It’s a great way to get into the series and hook your friends!
Again, your support of my latest series from Tor is so very important to me, first week sales are really critical to the survival of a series and please tell your friends! Get involved by writing a review, let me know your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter and as always, thank you so much and Happy Haunting!

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Kirkus Recommends Eterna and Omega, Booksmugglers Giveaway, Launch Parties and more!

Hello Darlings!

I'm thrilled Kirkus Reviews noted ETERNA & OMEGA as an August release not to miss! And I'm in with some incredible company, like Mary Robinette Kowal's GHOST TALKERS, which is a brilliant novel that I utterly adore and I think all of my readership will feel the same way.

And the fine folks at THE BOOKSMUGGLERS have hosted an exclusive video where I discuss my passions for the Victorian era and share some ETERNA tidbits. Plus, Tor Books is hosting a giveaway! Please enjoy these links and go enter to win!

Upcoming Appearances / Launch Parties:

I'm reporting in from the final Authors After Dark convention in Savannah, GA, this convention is so filled with wonderful readers and authors, its always like a family reunion. If you're in the area and not already an attendee, come to the open-to-the-public signing on Saturday from 12-4pm! I'll have Eterna Files, Strangely Beautiful, AND Eterna & Omega available to sign, as well as some of my jewelry!

AUGUST 9TH: Cincinnati, OH, 7PM

Hometown launch at Barnes & Noble West Chester, OH (The Streets of West Chester) 7pm, reading, signing, refreshments, after-party!

AUGUST 11TH: New York City, 7PM

The incredible Morris-Jumel Mansion, New York's oldest house (where Aaron Burr lived, calling all Hamilton geeks!) has recently been restored, and you simply must join us for a grand night of ETERNA & OMEGA reading, signing, the debut of the Eterna-inspired accessory line from Wormwood & Gall, wine, soda, food, ghost stories and a tour of the mansion. Tickets are $15 at the door, and ETERNA & OMEGA will be sold at a discount! Proceeds will go to the mansion's ongoing restoration fund. Please come in your finest Gothic, Neo-Victorian or Fantastical, Steampunk attire to be entered into Wormwood & Gall's costume contest with great prizes!

Can't join us in person? Procure signed copies at WORD BOOKSTORE in Brooklyn, an incredible independent bookstore that is vital to the community and to authors in kind! Please note how you would like the book personalized in the notes / comments section!

Don't forget to check out my FREE Eterna Files prequel novella, THE SPARK! And share with friends to get them hooked on this series!

Cheers and Happy Haunting!

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In which Leanna discusses ETERNA AND OMEGA and her reincarnate Victorian spirit!

In which Leanna discusses ETERNA AND OMEGA, the exciting sequel to THE ETERNA FILES, and the ways in which she considers herself a reincarnate Victorian, clothes and all. Enjoy and share with friends and anyone interested in Historical Fantasy!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

"The Spark" a FREE prequel novella in the ETERNA FILES universe is live via Tor Books today!

My Darling readers! The fine folks at Tor present "The Spark" a FREE full length Eterna Files prequel novella via the Tor/Forge blog! I wrote this novella to give you some background and insight to the life of paranormal researcher Louis Dupris and his secret love Clara Templeton and his spiritual journey before the events of The Eterna Files, book one, and beautifully timed just before the August 9th release of ETERNA & OMEGA which picks up exactly where book one leaves off.
Please read, enjoy, please share, and please support this series! Your support means I can do more for you, my wonderful readership. Please support the ETERNA series by leaving reviews, by pre-ordering ETERNA& OMEGA (for signed, personalized copies please support the amazing local NYC independent bookstore WORD and leave personalization requests in the notes/comment sections), by talking up the series. If you’re new to the series, this free prequel novella is a great place to start!
All my worlds are parallel worlds so in the Eterna Files series, you’ll see cameo appearances of characters from my other books, so please come join in the Gothic, supernatural fun! These books mean the world to me. I was put on this earth to write these stories and I’m grateful you’re on this sacred journey with me.
Please luxuriate in some free fiction today, lose yourself in Gothic Victorian Fantasy, enjoy "The Spark"! Please take a moment to help me get the word out about "The Spark" on Twitter today (I’m @LeannaRenee and on FB: http://facebook.com/lrhieber ) and as always, I appreciate each and every one of you so much! Cheers and happy haunting! 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

ETERNA AND OMEGA excerpt, pre-orders and more!

Hello Darling Readers,
I've been oh-so-very busy writing you wonderful new stories, like the third Eterna Files novel, working title: THE ETERNA SOLUTION‎ and much more, dreaming up new stories with familiar faces as all my worlds and stories continue to be parallel storylines.
I am very much enjoying exploring new territory of the supernatural and spiritual, and I'm so excited to share the next books with you.
Stay tuned this month as the Tor/Forge blog will be bringing you a FREE novella in the ETERNA FILES world, you'll learn more about ghostly Louis Dupris, his relationship with his brother, with Clara Templeton and their unfolding love, and the mysteries that surround them. Think of it as a prequel to book 1.
Speaking of book 1, for those of you who were so very upset by THE ETERNA FILES cliffhanger, worry not, I'd never do that to you without promise of a sequel, and ETERNA AND OMEGA is almost here! August 9th! You can get a signed, personalized pre-order copy from WORD bookstore, a fabulous independent company in Brooklyn that is very involved with their community and so good to local authors. Pre-orders help authors so much as it shows the publisher there is interest in the book and series and helps that series continue. Please place any personalization requests in the comments/notes section of the order so WORD can share with me how/to whom you'd like it signed/dedicated.
YOU CAN READ CHAPTER ONE of the new ETERNA AND OMEGA right now! The fine folks at Tor.com have posted the first part of the novel! Go forth, read, enjoy (Magic Most Foul fans you'll notice Evelyn Northe-Stewart is a familiar co-star in this section!), and please share the post and spread the word about this series! I'm really trying to build back momentum with Tor, it's always so important to foster word-of-mouth with a new series and your support is priceless!
Also, I know Miss Percy and STRANGELY BEAUTIFUL has a LOT of loving fans. Can you take a moment to leave a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads for STRANGELY and ETERNA FILES? The more reviews, the more visible Amazon makes the product to customers. That word-of-mouth thing in action. Thank you!
Cincinnati, OH! I'll be joining you for an incredible LAUNCH DAY party for ETERNA AND OMEGA on August 9th, 7pm at Barnes and Noble in the Streets of Westchester shops off Union Center Blvd exit.
Stay tuned for more appearances, there will be an NYC reprisal of our amazing Morris-Jumel Mansion event, waiting to lock down the date, but get ready to return to Manhattan's oldest (and most haunted) house to enjoy its renovation and celebrate ETERNA AND OMEGA's release as well as the launch of Wormwood and Gall's new ETERNA line of creepy, gothic accessories!
Cheers, happy reading, and as always, Happy Haunting!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Happy Release Day, STRANGELY BEAUTIFUL! My beloved Miss Percy Parker is back and better than ever!

As many of you know, this book means the world and back to me. Today, I'm at Chuck Wendig's Terrible Minds today, talking about everything I've been through with this book and I hope you can find inspiration and hope and encouragement from this resurrection tale. Available today in digital and trade paperback wherever books are sold, I appreciate your support more than I can possibly say!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Strangely Beautiful Pre-Order Contest for a $75 Barnes and Noble Gift Card and a Beautiful Postcard!

Dear Readers,

If you've followed this blog and my work, you know what a difficult journey my beloved Miss Percy Parker has had from her successful first two books, beginning with my acclaimed Gothic novel debut, The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker, to the subsequent bankruptcy of the first publisher and the series going out of print and unavailable. It has been devastating. But now, the time has thankfully come, courtesy of the incredible Tor Books, for darling Miss Percy, dashing Alexi and their colorful company to rise from the ashes, just like the Phoenix, and return!

Is STRANGELY BEAUTIFUL for you? Do you like ghostly, gaslit, Gothic tales full of action, adventure, quirky characters, sweet romance, mystery, atmospheric Victorian settings and eerie suspense? Then my STRANGELY BEAUTIFUL saga is indeed just for you. Imagine a bit of Penny Dreadful, Crimson Peak, Jane Eyre and Harry Potter all rolled into one- family friendly, my books are all PG-13 in content.

Pre-ordering a book really helps an author. It tells the publisher and stores that there is interest, and if those pre-order numbers are good, can help ensure the author gets to continue either in the series or a new contract. In the case of this being a reprint, where budgets are limited and the book itself is a large volume (this is two books in one, with new scenes and new content!) pre-orders are all the more vital. So, I'm hoping to incentivize the experience a bit for you! This book returning to the world means more to me than I can possibly say, and I'd love for my ardent readership to again set sail with my beloved characters in this beautiful new volume! This edition is freshly edited, contains deleted scenes and entirely new moments. The rest of the 4-book series will be releasing in the next two years, so start (or return to these familiar friends) now! For fans of my ETERNA FILES books, The Guard makes cameo appearances in those novels too; so many familiar friends across atmospheric Victorian pages!

Anyone who provides a proof of purchase (please redact any sensitive information) of pre-ordering, via any vendor, (digital or print, either one) and sends that proof of purchase in screen-shot or selected text form to contests@leannareneehieber.com will be automatically entered to win a $75 Barnes and Noble gift card! Winner will be drawn the day after Release Day, April 27th, via the randomizer Random.org from entrant names and will be contacted via the email of their submission.

As a thank you for everyone participating, anyone who provides a mailing address with their entry will also receive a signed bookplate, cards and this BEAUTIFUL postcard to keep as a souvenir or to send to a pen pal! (Mailing addresses will not be kept/recorded, used only for this postcard mailing, then discarded.)

More about STRANGELY BEAUTIFUL via Tor Books:

Originally published as two books, Strangely Beautiful unites Leanna Renee Hieber's critically acclaimed novels in a single revised volume, restoring the author's original vision for the work.Miss Persephone Parker is different, with her lustrous, snow-white hair, pearlescent pale skin, and uncanny ability to see and communicate with ghosts. Seeking to continue her education, Percy has come to Queen Victoria's London, to the Athens Academy. What she will learn there will change her life forever.

Athens Academy is the citadel of The Guard, an ancient order that battles the forces of evil. The Victorian Guard, led by professor Alexi Rychman, is incomplete. They cannot defeat Jack the Ripper— who is more than the serial killer he appears to be—or the greater monster his appearance heralds.

Percy's lifelong habit of concealment combined with Alexi's fevered search for the Guard's missing seventh member nearly prove disastrous as ancient Greek myths begin playing out in gaslit, Victorian London. Percy and her new friends and allies must overcome their preconceptions about each other and their own histories before they can set the world to rights.

"Hieber’s debut shows great potential, and readers will want to revisit her intriguing world." - Publishers Weekly on The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker
"I cannot recommend this book, this series or this author enough." True-Blood.Net on The Darkly Luminous Fight for Persephone Parker
"Tender, poignant, exquisitely written." - New York Times Bestselling Author C.L. Wilson on The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker
“[The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker] is indeed, strange in its happenings and mood and beautiful in its romance and language.  Hieber has created a secretive, gothic, paranormal world as well as a character who will resonate with anyone who has found the beauty in being different.”

More Strangely Beautiful press can be found at http://leannareneehieber.com

Pre-Order via Barnes and Noble - Amazon - Powell's - IndieBound - From Tor / Macmillan directly - Mail proof of pre-order purchase to contests@leannareneehieber.com by April 25th, winner drawn April 26th!

Good luck, thank you for your support, and as always, Happy Haunting!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Eterna Files (Book 1) in paperback is here! With praise!

Happy Paperback Release, THE ETERNA FILES!

Hello Darling Readers! The mass-market paperback edition of THE ETERNA FILES is now available wherever books are sold!
In celebration of this happy release week, and the fact that the sequel ETERNA & OMEGA is available for pre-order, I thought I'd share some very nice, lovely things reviewers and magazines have said about THE ETERNA FILES, book one in the Eterna Files trilogy with Tor Books:
"Hieber blends historical fact and paranormal fiction with ease, creating a world that is lush and fascinatingly strange, and reveals her secrets sparingly, keeping fans on edge for more information about these intriguingly powerful characters and the ties that bind them. Smart, boundlessly creative gaslamp fantasy." - RT Book Reviews
“A very different but unique book that definitely had me turning the pages wondering what would happen next. A very good start to what looks like a promising series.” – Books of Love
The Eterna Files is an intriguing tale of ghosts, spirits, the occult, politics, and espionage with complex and engaging characters.  Leanna Renee Hieber has brought the Victorian world to life in her novel.  The world in which her characters reside in is both romantic and terrifying.  The late nineteenth-century was on the precipice of immense change--a change that was both intoxicating and terrifying, which is reflected within the novel.  Leanna Renee Hieber knows her history and employs her knowledge well in her novel.  The Eterna Files simply crackles with the energy of the era, and is a haunting, lush, and intelligent fantasy.” – Michelle Hamilton, author of “I Would Still Be Drowned in Tears”: Spiritualism in Abraham Lincoln’s White House
“It’s always a pleasure for me to read something that’s not quite like anything I’ve read before. The Eterna Files is just such a book. There are ghosts and murders and kidnappings and dark magic and all kinds of other gothic goings on. Hieber’s prose is well wrought and seductive, and her knowledge of the Victorian era is formidable. The Eterna Files is a darkly gothic concoction, mixing mystery, horror and romance… well worth your time.” – Singular Points
“Addicted. I am officially addicted to Leanna Renee Hieber’s writing. I fell in love with The Eterna Files from the very first page. Hieber has a wonderful way of creating rich historical worlds that draw you in and keep you enthralled. It is difficult to imagine the days when America and Great Britain were enemies, but [the setting] is barely a hundred years after the Revolution and both countries are hunting the same prize. It is easy to see how both would see each other as the enemuy and not the ally they are today. If you love a mystery, gothic fiction, and an all-around good story, you need to read this book.” – RoseReads

"Excellent first installment in a unique new series. Hieber expertly blends intriguing supernatural elements and interesting, quirky characters in an authentic historical setting. Readers who enjoy a skillful mixture of history and paranormal elements will be well pleased." - Carol Malcom for Bitten by Books
"An interesting blend of genres with a unique premise." - The BiblioSanctum
"A case study in cliff-hangers. Hieber crafts a wonderful Victorian sandbox to play in, draping it in the fineries of the paranormal and mystical. The Eterna Files is a terrific ride set in a world that you'll want to return to. Fans of all things mystical, Victorian and goth need apply posthaste." - Pop Kernal
"A wonderful premise. Hieber is a great writer! I love her prose; it's romantic, detail oriented, atmospheric and very intelligent." - Talk Supe
"Rich in conceits as anything from Alan Moore, Hieber’s novel mixes action and the emotional lives of its characters into a fascinating stew." - Paul Di Filippo for Asimov's Magazine
“Extremely descriptive; the supernatural plot is intriguing. The author has offered up a rainbow of characters, from the guilt-ridden to the intellectual to the satirical, which will have readers champing at the bit for more.” – Suspense magazine
“Hieber carves out a chillingly reimagined Gilded Age in careful detail.”  - Kirkus Reviews
“The alternating plotlines seem equally urgent, riddled by murders and bearing the taint of madness. Both settings take the time to introduce a fascinating array of offbeat characters.” Faren Miller, Locus
“An incredibly gripping Holmesian gothic story with supernatural undertones that will send a cold shiver down your spine on the hottest of days. I felt instantly close to the main characters on both sides of the battle as the darkening plot twists whisked me toward the thrilling and emotional end. An engaging, fast-paced, mystery-laden story.” – The Found Girl
I'm very grateful for the lovely praise. I know the cliff-hanger ending of this novel has made some folks very nervous, don't worry, it will all be revealed soon as the series continues in just a few months!
If you aren't already aware, characters from my Magic Most Foul saga as well as my Strangely Beautiful saga appear prominently throughout the Eterna Files trilogy so be prepared to welcome back old friends to new terrors! (The poor dears!)  
I truly hope you'll all go out and support the book in paperback, digital or hardcover edition this week if you haven't already. (Thank you from the bottom of my spooky heart to all of you who have supported the book so far!) The first week's sales of any release are the most important and examined sales numbers we receive, so your support is extra appreciated these release weeks, though it is appreciated and vital at any time. If you like my work, please tell friends, family and like-minded readers as word of mouth is the backbone of any author's career! I have the best readers in the world and I want everyone to know it!
My convention season starts at the end of this month with the fabulous ANACHROCON in Atlanta, hope to see some of you there!
Thank you, bless you, and as always, happy haunting! - Leanna Renee

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Via Heroes and Heartbreakers: Alan Rickman, The World's Most Unique Romantic Hero


The day the news broke that theatrical titan Alan Rickman had passed, I was devastated. Inundated with messages, my friends, family and my whole readership all knew he was a huge inspiration to me and was the basis (and near namesake) for the hero of my bestselling STRANGELY BEAUTIFUL saga, which is fittingly about to re-issue from Tor this spring in new, revised editions. It is exceedingly bittersweet that the series will finally complete it's fourth installment, Miss Violet and The Great War in 2018, bereft of its heroic muse, but he will live on in those pages and in our hearts as immortal inspiration. The fantastic folks at Heroes & Heartbreakers let me say a few words in tribute to this great talent and why he meant so much to so many. Come join the support group.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Eterna Character Insights and Signed Book Giveaways!

Hello Dear Readers!
We’ve a month to go until the mass-market edition of THE ETERNA FILES, book 1 in my current Gaslamp Fantasy trilogy with Tor Books, releases into the wild, seen here, replete with new parasol and spiffy review quote:

I am an extremely character-driven storyteller and none so much as in THE ETERNA FILES, a large cast novel that posits two “X-Files-ish” departments in London and New York in 1882 on a perilous crash-course while each office seeks immortality on behalf of their respective governments. What these departments get instead is a ghostly, ghastly window into hell while demons stalk their cities.
Because my work is so character-driven, I wanted to further invest in my characters in this series by allowing you, dear readers, to have some questions answered. I’ve collected a few questions via my online platforms and my ETERNA characters will be answering them all month, here and on various guest posts as my characters haunt the net. AND you see I’ll be hosting several giveaways for signed copies of this new- and very affordable I might add-mass-market edition. I hope that those who are already fans of THE ETERNA FILES will re-engage with my characters and those who are new to my series will find themselves intrigued and we’ll all be eagerly on board for book two, ETERNA AND OMEGA, when it releases this August!
We’re starting off these character insights with a question from one of my most thoughtful and considered readers, Gemma L, who asks this stunning question of my character Louis:
“In death, or at least the ghost state you are in, do you find there is the same propulsion toward purpose and growth that one feels in life?”
Louis Dupris is a young man who came to The Eterna Commission in 1880, up from New Orleans, with a vision of mixing scientific discovery with what he finds sacred in his Vodoun belief system. THE ETERNA FILES opens its first chapters with a great tragedy, and Louis finds himself addressing his work from the other side of the veil… He answers the question thusly:
“I appreciate the gravity and weight of this important query. I was always driven in life, I find myself no different in death, however much like laws of physics, I find myself unable to gain as much traction. I mean this both literally and figuratively, as my ghostly feet do not touch the earth anymore, I float along like a feather in swirling wind. I do not have the same ability to keep a razor-sharp focus as I once did. But I yearn for the truth, to find out what happened to me, why our work brought out demonic presences who seemed threatened by what our commission created in that dim, isolated lab.
The thirst for answers is as vital to me as my love my darling Clara Templeton, muse of my work, the mind behind The Eterna Commision, fraught as it may have been. I love her perhaps more keenly in death. Ghosts who remain tethered to their work, to earth, to life, to love, I suppose by nature are pining beings. I am certainly hungry. Empty. Starving for details, action and resolution. And yet because of this quest I am not a husk, I am not without life, it’s just that life has changed so much.

I am growing accustomed to a thought taking longer to complete, death causing a prolonged state of pensive meditation. I have to force myself to appear to my brother, to Clara, to any colleague I might have spiritual access to, with the full awareness that their clock is in minutes and hours while my presence here in this grey between could be eternal. Time here is different. Temperature, weight and all physical properties are different. But my heart is unchanged and if there is one thing to celebrate about this change of state and status, is that I have access to a new knowledge, there are things I can discern in this space between life and death I could not see, nor hear nor grasp in corporeal life. This is what will keep my feet as close to the ground as possible as I run towards my destiny.”
Thank you, my dear Louis, thank you Gemma for the question, and thank you, dear readers, for coming to play with us. Have more questions for my characters, Louis or any of my 19th century characters? All my worlds are parallel worlds, so characters from my Strangely Beautiful as well as Magic Most Foul novels appear in THE ETERNA FILES series!  If you’ve a question, please leave a comment below and my characters will get back to you!

Want to keep posted on my books right from the source? Tor Books has created an email list for my readers, it just takes one second to sign up so please do, you'll get first look at new content, first access to announcements, first chance at sales on my books and more!
This month I'll also be answering questions for:
Scandalous Women
The Gothic Library
Historical Non-Fiction Author Michelle L. Hamilton
So stay tuned for those links!

And now... Giveaways! Via Rafflecopter below, win one of three signed copies of the mass-market edition of THE ETERNA FILES and a signed book plate for the upcoming sequel ETERNA & OMEGA! US only please, thanks!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Happy New Year! Via Criminal Element, My Thoughts on Penny Dreadful, Crimson Peak and the Importance of Dreadpunk and The New Gothic

Happy 2016 everyone! May your year be beautifully spooky!

I've been in the throes of deadlines, having three - count them three - releases this year, the paperback edition of THE ETERNA FILES coming 2/2/16 (currently on a sweet discount via Amazon and Barnes & Noble), then the reissue of STRANGELY BEAUTIFUL books 1 and 2 in a new volume with new scenes and content, then the ETERNA sequel, ETERNA & OMEGA, coming this August! Whee! I'm involved in just as many other jobs in the arts as ever, so I'll try to keep you all posted as best I can. I've lots of convention appearances already scheduled on my Appearance page, so have a look.

I'm thrilled to have returned to writing some posts for Macmillan's CRIMINAL ELEMENT site, where I previously chronicled my love for things like Anne Perry, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and MI-5.

Due to my career in writing Gothic novels, I recently had the opportunity to speak at length about the importance of The New Gothic, explain a bit of what the new term "Dreadpunk" is all about, and why the show Penny Dreadful and the film Crimson Peak are vital pieces in the new mainstream, so hop on over to Criminal Element and check out this dark-and-stormy-night kind of post.

And STAY TUNED, because in the coming weeks I'm going to have multiple posts in which my ETERNA FILES characters will answer readers' questions as we count down until the mass-market paperback edition release. I'll be doing multiple giveaways of signed copies this month, beginning and ending here with a few blog tour stops to chat with some Gothic and Historical enthusiasts! More details soon, in the meantime, as always, cheers and happy haunting!

Your Fairy Gothmother...