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Before I get going about release day, let me say THE STRANGELY BEAUTIFUL HAUNTED LONDON BLOG TOUR CONTINUES! Day 4! At Smexy Books! Drop in for the latest (and in my opinion scariest) ghost story yet! Win a free book!

Release Day Tuesday:
Wow what a day!

After doing some stock signings in the city and seeing my book has really been selling (P.S. seeing your book in a bookstore for the first time? NOTHING BETTER IN THE WORLD!), I got to go to Barnes and Noble Lincoln Triangle - a great venue - for a reading with other wonderful Dorchester authors (From L to R below): Charles Ardai, (me) Anna DeStefano and Jack Ketchum. I had such a good time reading, as I am an actress and haven't had any time to do theatre in a while, this suited me well and I deeply enjoyed it, nervous as I truly was. I had such a good time with these talented authors it was such an honor to be alongside them.

Thanks Morgan at Miss Media Productions for photos!

I love this picture of Kate from Babbling About Books and More and me. And even King Mho was there! Dressed in his cravat finery. :)

The room was PACKED! Thanks in no small part to my awesome friends! THANK YOU!
And being SOLD OUT of your first booksigning isn't a bad thing right? Was a little stressful for me as I wanted all my friends to be able to walk away with a book, but it was nice to know it's in demand!
I was delighted to see Rose and Josh of PW's awesome blog Genreville were there and I basked in their truly delightful company. They did video interviews with us!! Video will be forthcoming, I'll be sure to post.
Speaking of VIDEO:
Now on release day, RomanceNovel.TV rolled out the red carpet for me and took part in the Haunted London Blog Tour Action! They also posted new video interviews and I've got a great review posted by Stacey, she gave me top ratings and discussed why my Point of View and style choices worked so well in telling a complex story. Check out her well-presented thoughts! Stacey will actually be profiling Miss Percy Parker for Heroines Week at RNTV, where Percy has been praised for being wholly unique and utterly romantic so stay tuned on Aug. 29th for her thoughts!
From RNTV:

And Now...
One of my favourite, most glowing reviews yet, from Maryse Reviews:
Maryse Says:
"This novel (officially released today), has become, unequivocally, one of my favourite books (I was lucky enough to get a “sneak preview”). It is an amazing paranormal love story rivaling some of the sweetest tales. It will have you chuckling, teary eyed, and “love drunk” midway through."
And that's only the beginning. Visit her review to see some of her favourite excerpts and other lovely words. Thank you Maryse you really made my day with that one!
Just Brush up your Shakespeare for a quick Percy Parker Pop quiz, send the answers via my website and you're entered! Runs until September 16th.
Blessings! I'll see you on the HAUNTED LONDON BLOG TOUR!

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Release Day!

It's a party at Romance! It's another Strangely Beautiful Haunted London Blog Tour stop, another chance to win a free book, check out my fresh new VIDEO interview, and have a great time! Remember to leave a comment and you might win a book!

Tonight I get to go to Barnes & Noble Lincoln Center and read in that

gorgeous store along with Award Winning authors Charles Ardai, Anna DeStefano, Jack Ketchum in an evening of Genre Fiction with Dorchester Publishing! When I saw my name and book cover on the banner inside the store, I'm not going to lie, I truly swooned. Just like Percy. :)
And Percy got another gorgeous review from Brooke Reviews! Thanks Brooke!

Brooke says:

"Miss Percy Parker is a lovely tale. Whenever I try to describe this book I always go back to the words "lovely" or "beautiful". Beautiful is quite fitting as it's in the title of the book, right? Percy Parker is a great heroine to follow. She knows nothing of the prophecy, and nothing about her past or the powers she holds. She only knows that she's odd, in that she sees ghosts and that she somewhat resembles them with her pale skin, hair, and eyes. When I say she is a great heroine to follow, I mean that she grows through the whole story - with the help of her Professor - and it's very nice to see this shy young lady grow stronger and into more of a woman.
"It was hard to sit on the "outside" of this book. I just wanted to jump in and help these characters out. I guess wanting to be involved in the story is a good thing right? There are more characters than Percy and Alexi, and all have their separate quirks and personalities. While reading, you can get a good feel for each one, and their likes/dislikes, desires, and powers....Leanna Renee Hieber's education on everything Victorian shines in this tale, and it was a pleasure to watch it all unravel. I look forward to many more LOVELY books from her in the future. The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker is alluring and haunting and should NOT be missed."
(Read Brooke's full review on her very lovely site)
Also at Janicu's Book Blog, she calls the story "unique: a mix of historical, steampunk, paranormal and gothic romance. It's the originality that really had me and made it a keeper, with clever twists on Greek mythology and Jack the Ripper." Check out the full review.
I've an Inspirations and Influences post and review at The Booksmugglers!
And The Book Butterfly - a most engaging blog visually and in content - has lovely words for Miss Percy Parker!
Kim says:
The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker was an exquisite start to what surely will be an engaging series. Leanna Renee Hieber has created an enticing novel by blending together a combination of historical characters, potent paranormal elements and a sweet, satisfying romance. Add a dash of mythology to the mix and you’re ready to serve up a captivating gothic fantasy that should appeal to both adult readers and a mature teen audience."
(Read Kim's full review - and also catch my Contest!)
I'm also doing my monthly blog today at POPCULTUREDIVAS! Talking about the Gothic Novel!
I certainly hope you'll pick up a copy of The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker this release week! I'm so excited to share it with you!


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The Strangely Beautiful Haunted London Blog Tour has begun!

Ohmigoodness, release day is 2 days away! In the meantime, The Strangely Beautiful Haunted London Blog Tour has begun! Follow that link for the schedule! Tomorrow I pick up at The Chatelaines!

Monday Susan Hanniford Crowley hosts a Launch Party for me! She's very generous and kind! There's excerpts, interview, notes and thoughts, and of course - a chance to win a free book!
Stop by!

Tuesday there's a Virtual Release day for me at Romance Novel TV, video interviews and another Haunted London stop!

I am so excited about this tour, in which I get the chance to tell the ghost stories I use in the book. Some of the stories I'd heard about in my ghost walk through London but then I picked up Richard Jones' Haunted London, which quickly became my bible. It's been one of my most utilized research sources.

Mr. Jones is, by the way, most kind and wonderful, he emailed me to thank me for the mention in the tour, offered help, and we're exchanging books. When one of your heroes gives you a thumbs up, it's such a glorious day. Visit his website here.

So in my Hurricane Promo about the internet you may also find me here:

Toni McGee Causey has interviewed me at a great haunt, MURDERATI. Stop in and see one of my favourite interviews. You can win Percy Parker and a Bobbie Faye book! (Bobbie Faye is one beloved heroine you do not want to miss)

I've an interview and dicussion running at THE BOOK BUTTERFLY - where a contest is being held for the book until September 10th. There's been a great Q and A going on!

Stay tuned for more press and reviews coming up this week! Tuesday is the big day!

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In which Leanna creates Horcruxes to be everywhere at once...

I am in the eye of Hurricane Promo, a turbulent and fantastical storm of my own making.

Mark Henry just said on Twitter that I'm "EVERYWHERE... I'd go so far as to say... OMNIPRESENT"... and that I'm "sparkling like a star"... And you can bet that will go on promo material. (If you say usable quotes around me, beware, they will end up in front cover matter.)

I kind of think I'm sparking, as in, perhaps ready to catch on fire or explode, but hey, I'll take the "star" part. And I dig Mark Henry and can say so to his face at DragonCon this year so that's cool.

Here's the latest from Hurricane Promo... Or, "In which Leanna creates many Horcruxes and splits her soul to be everywhere at once." (If you are reading this blog, you likely know what a Horcrux is. If you do not, thankfully there's Wiki-Potter-pedia)

My soul is split today amongst these fine places:

Murder She Writes:
I love this blog. I am talking about everyone's favourite serial killer - and I do not mean Dexter, over at Murder She Writes. I am so thrilled to be there, and I find Jack the Ripper such a compelling and fascinating topic, so swing on by.

Magical Musings:
And over at the wonderful and charming group blog MAGICAL MUSINGS where Edie Ramer has become a sort of guardian angel to me, learn a few downright magical and uncanny things you wouldn't know about The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker otherwise.

Enter to win more free stuff! At Romance Writers on the Journey:

Check out an interview about how LONG it took for The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker to sell, how I kept my sanity, and what I rewarded myself with. Join me at a lovely and inspiring blog; Romance Writers on the Journey, and leave a comment, letting me know about your inspirations along the way. When you leave a comment, you'll be entered not only to win a copy of my book, but a tote bag and a FIRST SALE SCRAPBOOK! How cool is that?

And NOW for the very latest in glowing REVIEWS!

Miss Percy Parker has been hailed over at SMEXY BOOKS - as reviewer Mandi and I share a particular affinity for a certain, inspired actor...

From Mandi:
"The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker is refreshing, adorable, romantic and an exciting story. This book is a paranormal, historical romance, but it is written in such a way you forget about classifications. You forget spirits don't really exist, and you really are not walking around 19th century London. The story completely absorbs you and pulls you into the world and you don't want to leave.

Percy starts as such a shy creature, but that is the only way she knows to keep hidden. Leanna Renee Hieber does an amazing job writing Percy - you can feel her yearning, and embarrassment and conflicting feelings. I can't remember being on such an intimate level with another heroine. It is not until Alexi makes her show her true self, and she gains strength in that courage, that she truly shines. Although most of their courtship she is timid, and unsure of how to handle her romantic emotions, when her relationship to Alexi is threatened, she stands up for herself and fights for him. The romance is sweet, and endearing and builds ever so slowly. "
(See the full and funny review, giving it a rating of 9... which means it will make a Smexy top 20 this year and that thrills me.) Thanks Mandi!

FANTASY DREAMER gives Percy love:
From Donna:
"It's has been awhile since I've read a gothic fantasy and I don't remember being this entertained reading a book in this genre as much as I was reading Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker. I enjoyed how Ms. Hieber's prose could make me feel the anticipation of that first touch and the thrill of that first kiss. I was transported to a Victorian London, during the terrible reign of Jack the Ripper. I could hear the clip-clop of the horse hooves echoing down the street, see the ghosts along the streets and feel the eeriness that always seem to accompany the evenings in London. Since I've read this book, I've even caught myself thinking in Victorian speak, it had that much of an impact on me.

It was truly a pleasure reading Ms. Hieber's tender love story with her version of Greek mythology mixed with the paranormal. The plot was well rounded and the ending gives you a nice closure but I have a few questions lingering that I hope will be answered in the next book. Your not going to find anything too terribly dark or forbidding in this book, though the evil ones were evil enough to fulfill their part in the setting of this book. It was a wonderful journey reading this book and I'm looking forward to next book in this series. Yes, I would definitely recommend this book."

(Read the full post on Donna's gorgeous Fantasy Dreamer's Ramblings blog)
Congratulations to both of these lovely ladies for their Book Blogger Appreciation Week nominations!

Now! Back into the storm!!

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Giveaways galore! Strangely Beautiful! For free!

Okay so since you all are going to need several copies of The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker to give to all your friends and family for the holidays *grin* - here are 3 chances to win one!

1. I'm doing an interview at the gorgeous site featuring Historical releases: THE SEASON.

Check out my interview and follow Beverley's directions on how to enter to win a copy of the book.

2. Tempting Persephone has generously sponsored a giveaway at her gorgeous blog. I'm guest blogging there about Myths and Muses! Check it out, leave a comment to win!

3. And Literary Escapism is featuring me, and a guest blog on why My Vote Goes to the Ghosts! Giveaway here too!!

Go forth! Enter to win! Pass this along, tell your friends!


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Events! Reviews! Nerves! Oh my!

Oh, my goodness!

Release day, August 25th is right around the corner!

If you're in New York City, please come visit me at the Lincoln Center Barnes & Noble (66th and Broadway) on August 25th - Release day! - At 7:30 PM for an incredible night with award winning authors Charles Ardai, Jack Ketchum Anna DeStefano and myself. We'll be reading, signing, and lifting up why GENRE FICTION ROCKS! Come and support us, by doing so you are supporting Genre Fiction!

You still have until RELEASE DAY, August 25th, to win a copy of The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker at DARQUE REVIEWS!

And now...

The latest big love for Miss Percy Parker:

Kenda at Lurv a la Mode (a favourite haunt of mine) says this:
If you’ve been looking for something different, this is it. While I’ve encountered similar enough stories, I dare say this is even a fresh twist on the Gothic romance as we know it today. What completely transports the book into its own is the author’s voice and the dramatic way in which the story unfolds.
Read the full post...

The Discriminating Fangirl gives Percy Parker an A!
Pamela says:
The Strangely Beautiful Tale… is certainly strangely beautiful, and I had to force myself to put the book down so I could sleep. Set in an alternate Victorian England, where spirits roam the streets and six chosen people safeguard the mortal world from dangerous ghosts, this book is richly imagined and constructed, with fascinating characters and an engrossing storyline.
Read the full review...


Romance Book Wyrm calls Percy Parker "hauntingly magnificent"
Amy says:
Oh my, I loved this book. I loved the characters, the sweet, thrilling romance between Alexi and Percy. The beautiful prose that sweep across every single page. Be prepared to be taken away to a London as you've not seen before, and characters so vivid they meld within your heart. Percy is one of the best heroines I've read in a long time. Her innocence and shyness were so refreshing. Yet underneath it all, there is still a strength inside Percy.
The full and glowing review...

Anna's Book Blog
A hauntingly good tale, beautifully written. Leanna Renee Hieber has created a dark and magical London. Full of the unexpected. I found both the characters and world compelling. I'm looking forward to what book two will bring.
Full post...
I've kept track of all my reviews on my Percy Parker Facebook Page too.

Oh, and did I mention I'm all nerves and excitement? I am!

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In Which Miss Percy Parker has more nice things said about her...

At some point I'm going to do a post that doesn't have to do with Miss Percy Parker. At some point I'm going to talk about my pet bunny. Or maybe my good sport real-life hero.

But right now, Miss Percy Parker is my life, and will be for the first month of her release. At least. We're all just going to have to be okay with that. Rest assured, I'll have moments of a life outside of a Victorian Paranormal universe, just not right now. (I also kind of enjoy my Victorian Paranormal universe, ok?)

So the lovely thing about getting a lot of your books out there, is that the people who got them will likely say things about them. And, let's face it, it's always more fun for an author if they're nice things. Thankfully, for Percy's delicate nature (her biographer has tougher skin) they've been lovely.

The Latest:

Kate (KatieBabs) of Babbling About Books And More

has just posted a lovely and in-depth review. Here are my favourite highlights, but as she really gave the book a thorough discussion, I encourage you to read her post. And follow her blog. Because it is funny, informative, and often quite moving. Thank you, Kate.

I particularly appreciate her opening disussion of cross-genre. From her review:

"Cross genre books are a hard sell. And unless the author has the skill to pull it off, the book will not find a readership. When it comes to The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker, this could have been a problem. This novel is a Victorian Gothic Paranormal Ghost filled tale with romance that both teens and adults can read. The sensuality is subdued enough to fit the time period of 1888 London, England. Emotions such as the yearnings of love and lust are meant to pushed way down. What Leanna has done with her very unique character of Percy Parker is shown that these intense feelings of desire and the sense of belonging cannot be ignored. Percy is a very confused young woman deserving of love. And when she finds this love with the stoic, brooding and equally confused Professor Alexi Rychman, it is a wonderful, beautiful and sweet story.

Even though The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Percy Parker is heavy on mystical and supernatural action, the true enjoyment in reading boils down to the character of Percy. Leanna has written a wonderful character that shines from the inside out. Percy’s innocence and need for approval is wonderful to read. Even though Percy wants love, her quest is one we all have experienced at one time or another. Watching Percy moon over Alexi may seem silly, but it is endearing. I never truly understood what swooning was until Percy does it.And what can I say about Alexi? I think I was as far gone over him as Percy was. My favorite scenes are the ones where Alexi tutors Percy in his office. There is a nice sense of closeness between these two. Alexi is not necessarily a tortured hero, but he is one who has so much responsibility to deal with. He broods wonderfully. Is it wrong of me to say I wanted him to keep brooding? And guess who Alexi reminds me of? If you have seen Richard Armitage play John Thornton in North and South, then you know what I mean. Richard would be perfect to envision as Alexi. I definitely did as I read.

The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker is a bit lyrical and poetic in its telling. My imagination and senses were very much engaged. If you are in the mood for a book that is very different from your normal read, I recommend you give Percy Parker a go. Leanna Renee Hieber is one welcomed debut author this year who will bring so much to the publishing world for the years to come.

Mishel at Mis(h)takes has this to say, in part:

"Leanna has created a rich and unique world filled with interesting and new characters going through things I haven't quite seen before."

"...there is just so much going on in this story. You really must discover the details on your own. There's plenty of action, suspense, thrills & chills, and romance weaved into Leanna's writing. I think everyone can find something they'll like in Percy's story. And don't be discouraged by the mouthful of a title, it grew on me quickly as I found myself agreeing with Leanna's choice of words...this tale is indeed strangely beautiful. I'm so excited to see what Leanna has in store for us in the next book. The series has so much potential to be something amazing that it's bursting from the seams!"

Thanks Mishel! I love her blog, her header picture makes me so happy, simply looking at it! Visit the whole post.

Now Shanra at LibriTouches is the hardest on me yet, and I appreciate her time and her thoughts. I admire honesty in a reviewer and if there are troubling things about an author's style, well then, so be it, a reviewer shouldn't shy away from discussing it. Thankfully my characters (who are truly the reasons I remain compelled to this series) still appealed and she's exceedingly gracious in plugging my book! And I can assure her that Elijah and Michael, and their incessant teasing of Alexi, continues healthily as the series progresses.
Now, on to finishing up my posts for THE STRANGELY BEAUTIFUL HAUNTED LONDON BLOG TOUR AND BOOK GIVEAWAY!!! What's that, you ask? Follow me...

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In Which Miss Percy Parker goes about town giving away her Tale

For as timid as she is, this dear girl is getting around! I owe Miss Percy's travels to a wealth of generous bloggers, authors and reviewers. And she'll only be touring about even more in the days to come! Reviews, interviews, giveaways, oh my!

I hope you'll visit Darque Reviews for perhaps my favourite guest blog of all time, as I discuss my favourite particular about my book, how my beloved hero Alexi smells. All "clove tea and leather-bound books..." Dear Miss Percy discovers this during what is also perhaps my favourite part of my book; the Academy Ball. (Yes, there's an excerpt) Read more.

GIVEAWAY! You have until 8/25 to be one of TWO winners sponsored by Dorchester Publishing to win a signed copy of the book! Just read the post, answer the question, and you're entered.

Darque Reviews has this to say about Miss Percy Parker in Kimberly's recent review:

The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker is the first installment in the Strangely Beautiful series and follows the struggles of Percy Parker and Professor Alexi Rychman. Ms. Hieber pulls readers into her historical setting with strong paranormal elements, a touch of mythology, and a wonderfully sweet romance. The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker unfolds at a steady pace, introduces unique characters, and provides a magical start to what will surely be an engaging series. This book should appeal to both upper teens and adult readers.

Thanks Darque Reviews!

Interviews and Giveaways!

Amberkatze's Book Blog has posted an interview and is running a Miss Percy Parker contest until 8/16!

The lovely and talented author Elisabeth Naughton has let me be a part of her fabulous Stolen Heat countdown and I'll be giving away a signed copy of Miss Percy Parker, you have until 8/14 to enter so when you get there, scroll down to my post, leave a comment and answer the question.

The flurry of activity will continue... Stay tuned...

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Miss Percy Parker gets her cards read!

My heroine, the dear, strange, darling Miss Percy just got her very own Tarot reading! This is such an amazing treat, provided by the incredible Arwen Lynch at her lovely blog,
Musings on the Tarot. She used the World Spirit Tarot.

Wow. My jaw dropped and my spine tingled when I saw the cards and read her prognosis, and then I had to make Miss Percy sound like she wasn't as in thrall as her author was...

Let's just say Arwen knows what she's doing, she gave me some glorious chills. I rushed an advance copy of my book off to her in the mail so she could see just how right she is.

Check out the read, and Miss Percy's own responses, and enjoy Arwen's awesome, engaging, inspiring and always informative blog.

Thanks Arwen!!


Lady Jane's Salon continues to be the place to be.

There are respective run-downs of our August showdown on Hope Tarr's blog, and Maya did a recap on the Lady Jane's website. A huge thank you to Biz Urban Photography for the awesome photos of the night.

Here's our delightful, hometown gal Anna DePalo reading a spicy tidbit from The Billionaire in Penthouse B

The kind, dashing and utterly charming Johnny Diaz read from Beantown Cubans:

Here's Delilah Marvelle being one of my favourite people in the world. In addition to being super talented she's some sort of long lost sister to me. Oh, and just that day she landed a 3 BOOK HQN deal. Hot. Her powerhouse agent Donald Maass was there too, which made us all feel as awesome as Delilah looked. (I approve of costumes on all occasions).

(And look! My sweetie was there too!)

AND NOW... *drumroll please* -- SEPTEMBER 7TH! At long last!

The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker will have come out into the world on August 25th (when I hope you'll buy it) and she will be having a party about it (where you'll come celebrate it and buy it again *grin*).

I will be reading two delectable scenes from the book in full 1880's Victorian regalia.

My best bud and uber-talent Isabo Kelly will be reading from one of her recent Fantasy titles.
We will be signing books.

Alex at the bar has made me a drink special! Be sure to order the Strangely Beautiful! It is blue, tastes tangy and yummy, and it will only be $5.00

I will be thanking the many people who made my dream come true possible after 9 long years of trying. We will party.

I will be raffling off a gorgeous sterling silver Phoenix pendant - something symbolic and critical to the plot of Strangely Beautiful - and all of the proceeds will go to Share The Love, a huge reason as to why Lady Jane's exists in the first place.

Did I mention I'm going to be in full, authentic 1880's regalia? I mean, you don't want to miss me reading my favourite scene I've ever written, while wearing midnight-blue taffeta.

Same time, same deal: Doors at 7pm, bring your $5.oo or your gently used book - Readings 7:30 - 9pm, celebration continues after
Same place: Madame X

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More lovely and Strangely Beautiful Reviews!

Oh my goodness.

I made it into Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show with a stunning-made-me-cry review by New York Times Bestselling Author, essayist, reviewer Alethea Kontis.

Here is the review, if you see it on the Intergalactic Medicine Show page you see all the beautiful graphics.

Princess Alethea's Magical Elixir
Book Reviews by Alethea Kontis
Title: The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker
Leisure / Dorchester Publishing EAN: 9780843962963

Percy Parker can see dead people. She can also hear dead people and, due to her remarkable fluency in almost ten languages, she can carry on conversations with them. Percy even looks like a ghost herself, with skin and hair like a marble statue and eyes so pale and sensitive to light that she must wear dark glasses at all times. But for all her unique characteristics, Percy is the typical mythic heroine -- orphaned, gifted, attending a mysterious Academy, and destined to fulfill a prophecy written back when the Temple of Athena still stood in one piece atop the Acropolis.

I fell in love with this book as soon as I read the title. It's one of those fabulous titles that adeptly distills the essence of the novel. Forget what's pictured on the cover -- to be fair, the title takes up most of the cover anyway -- this title is the best warning label of what you're about to get yourself into. Percy Parker's adventure promises to be poetic, wordy, Victorian, haunting, shadowy, subtle, and romantic.

But before I started Miss Parker's Tale, I met her author. I was invited to an intimate publisher brunch at BEA, and Leanna was the guest star. Now, I've met a good many authors in my time. If I like the author, I will make a whole-hearted attempt to read their book. (If I don't like the author then I don't attempt at all . . . but I can count the number of authors I don't like on one hand.) Similarly, just because I enjoy the author doesn't mean I'll love their fiction. I have some very best friends who know I don't care for their particular bent, and it doesn't affect our relationship one way or another.

All that said, by the end of said brunch Leanna and I were not only talking a million miles and hour, but we were also finishing each other's sentences. I couldn't wait to read the book. When I got back to Tennessee, I pestered the publisher until they emailed me a copy of the manuscript, and the second it popped up in my inbox, I dove right in.

I was in exactly the right mood to read this tasteful, gothic Victorian adventure. Its pages are like the petals of a rose: a many-layered tale gorgeously told. The reader immediately finds the strangely beautiful Percy Parker haunting the halls of Athens Academy along with her specters. We realize she is seventh in an ancient prophecy of gods and demons. It is up to The Guard -- the original six who have kept London safe from the otherworldy thus far -- to recognize their Prophecy and follow the path of destiny. Easier said than done, though, as The Guard is constantly distracted by an evil force they call "The Ripper."

The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker is Bullfinch's Mythology and Harry Potter and Wuthering Heights mashed in a blender. It is a historic, dark, fantasy mystery . . . Add Miss Parker's sudden and torrid love for her dark and brooding tutor Professor Alexi, and it also becomes a delicate and understated romance. A simple dance raised more goosebumps on my arms than the steamy scenes in most of the usual romance novels of today. I miss that.
I am happy to have been as impressed by this book as I was by its author . . . and happier still that Leanna is currently working on a sequel. Huzzah!


And at, I've been given a gorgeous page replete with bio, backlist and author photo, and the following review by Kelly.

In part (or... Read with Synopsis and see the pretty page):

I had a lot of fun reading The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker. Leanna Renee Hieber creates a sense of enchantment from the very beginning, and the novel caught me up in its spell during a week when my real life went completely haywire. It has the feel of a fairy tale, which is not an easy mood to sustain in a full-length novel. The Strangely Beautiful Tale is elegantly written and chock full of interesting characters and mythic themes. I especially loved watching the development of Percy from a meek mouse to a woman who knows what she's willing to fight for.

I was briefly bothered by Percy's mathematical bumbling, since I've spent much of my life bristling at "girls can't do math" stereotypes, but when I thought about it a little more, Percy's lack of math skills makes perfect sense for her times. Because of those same stereotypes, a woman in the Victorian era would not have received much math education before enrolling at an unconventional school like Athens.The plot of The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker is satisfactorily wrapped up at book's end, but there's plenty of room for future world-saving.

Hieber has planned a series of four books. I'm definitely looking forward to them!Recommended for fans of historical fantasies like Marie Brennan's Onyx Court series and romantic fantasies like Maria Snyder's Study series.


Thank you to Alethea and to Kelly at Fantasy Literature for making my day and back again.