Friday, June 18, 2021

Author Leanna Renee Hieber Takes Readers on a Journey Through Time - Cincinnati Magazine

I'm so proud of this article in Cincinnati Magazine! I discuss my new TIME IMMEMORIAL series and how hometown connections bring me to where I am today! Please check this out!

Author Leanna Renee Hieber Takes Readers on a Journey Through Time - Cincinnati Magazine: Butler County native and Miami University alum Leanna Renee Hieber releases a new series starting this week.

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

TIME IMMEMORIAL Release Day! A New psychic timeslip series begins via Scrib'd / Bryant Street Publishing!

Time Immemorial: A Dark Nest Adventure Cover Art Featuring a Silhouette of Captain Liz Marlowe with a background of stars, novella by Leanna Renee Hieber with Thom Truelove via Scrib'd
It's RELEASE DAY for a whole new series in digital and audio! Leanna narrates the 3-part installment of an exciting and original new novellas! 

TIME IMMEMORIAL: A Dark Nest Adventure, follows Captain Liz Marlowe, a woman living her past lives all at once and in each life, someone is trying to kill her... 

This series continues my Dark Nest Chronicles in a whole new way. One doesn't have to have read the Dark Nest psychic space opera novellas to jump into TIME IMMEMORIAL, come on board right now! If you don't already have a Scrib'd membership, you can try Scrib'd for 30 days for free! 

Check out today's release-day feature with the fine folks at Fantasy Café, where there's cover reveals for the entire series and a special focus on amazing concept photos taken by Sebastian Crane of Captain Liz in several of her timelines. 

Time Immemorial, Time Inescapable and Time Indivisible are timeslip novellas that follow the lives of Elizabeth Marlowe through Iron Age Britain, 1882, World War II and the 24th Century. An insidious force is working to take down not only her, but everyone she’s ever cared about through time.

The concept of Captain Liz Marlowe, co-created by my business partner Thom Truelove, began as a character sketch for a TV pilot, the character intended to be played by yours truly. Most folks know me as a novelist but I trained in theatre and my artistic career began and spanned many years on the professional stage. The original project Liz was created for fell through but the character was too good not to keep and run with. Some of Liz’s iterations had already begun popping up in my novels; Lizzie Marlowe “The Visitor” shapes Clara Templeton’s life in my Eterna Files trilogy. Marlowe’s starship captain self understandably would tie into my existing Dark Nest Chronicles of psychic space opera.

My editor, Julia O'Connell of The Gothic Library, was a critical help in making sure Captain Liz and her fragmented lives didn't leave the reader reeling. She was such a great partner in this venture. We've created something really special with this series.

Narrating these novellas has been a special joy for this performer, that's for certain! I adore this character and how she interacts with other parts of my existing universe and I can't wait for you to meet her! 

About Time Immemorial: A Dark Nest Adventure (via Scrib’d):

"A masterful tale of multiple timelines; one woman, split between four lives...

Elizabeth Marlowe has always known she was different—even from others with psychic abilities. She doesn’t merely glimpse past or future lives, she lives multiple lives concurrently. She is L’Bet, a druid priestess holding out against the Roman invasion. She is Lizzie, a headstrong Victorian plumbing the depths of both science and Spiritualism. She is Beth, a Women’s Royal Air Force pilot fighting in World War II. And she is Captain Liz, a starship commander forging a path through the stars. 

But being different comes with danger. Liz is determined to make it on her own, hiding her unusual ability from all but one trusted companion in each life. Yet, she is haunted by an ominous warning from her old mentor, Saire: Someday they’ll fear you. People fear what they cannot understand, and it is only a matter of time before those with psychic powers are targeted for their difference. When that happens, Liz will have to choose between her life of independence and saving the community she rejected long ago.

Return to the Prism Award-winning world of Leanna Renee Hieber’s Dark Nest trilogy with the start of a new series that spans eras and galaxies!”

We hope you’ll take us up on that invitation to join Liz and live in the moment, across time and space, taking life one critical choice at a time.

Check out the Fantasy Café feature with cover reveals of the whole series and amazing photographs of Captain Liz in three of her timelines! 

Start reading TIME IMMEMORIAL via Scrib'd right now in digital or in audio book! 

Cheers and happy reading!

Leanna Renee Hieber