Thursday, January 31, 2013


Fans of The Twisted Tragedy of Miss Natalie Stewart and the illustrious Mister Veil, I present to you the membership cars for Veil's ASSOCIATION OF MELANCHOLY BASTARDS!

Want one? Send an SASE to Leanna Renee Hieber, PO Box 5532, New York, NY 10185 - And if you don't understand what any of this is about, read THE TWISTED TRAGEDY OF MISS NATALIE STEWART! Happy Haunting!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Reader Art and Queen Victoria's Book of Spells' STARRED Reviews!

You know what I love? When readers are inspired by my books or stories and make art. There is no finer compliment in the world. It makes my heart soar and validates why I do what I do. It brings my beloved characters to life in a whole new way. Take a look at this particular beauty from artist Nancy Lee. Here's a take on Miss Percy Parker from the Strangely Beautiful saga (which remains currently out of print but I promise I'll have updates on that front soon). In the meantime, enjoy Miss Parker:

And enjoy this good news:

QUEEN VICTORIA'S BOOK OF SPELLS: An Anthology of Gaslamp Fantasy (Tor 3/13), the upcoming anthology features my short story "Charged" that stars an Eterna Files character, received a STARRED REVIEW in both Publishers' Weekly AND in Kirkus Reviews! I am so honoured to be in this anthology with such great writers I've admired for years. So thrilling! Here's the full text of the Kirkus review:

Editor: Ellen Datlow
Editor: Terri Windling

Eighteen tales of Gaslamp Fantasy, that is, historical fantasy set in an alternate 19th century where magic worked or supernatural events occurred, together with an extensive and informative introduction from editor Windling tracing historical roots and adding context. A majority of the tales here use historical events or biography as their foundation. Delia Sherman, then, portrays Queen Victoria as a highly effective wizard. Genevieve Valentine probes a highly unsavory aspect of London ’s 1851 Great Exhibition. Elizabeth Wein spins a tale of writer-designer William Morris and artist Edward Burne-Jones. Kaaron Warren writes movingly of a house where unwanted women are confined and how they gain revenge. Dale Bailey takes an actual case of spiritualism and fakery and demonstrates how it is not always clear which is which. Veronica Schanoes strikes sparks both real and figurative in her account of the unionization of the all-female workforce at a lucifer-match factory. And Jane Yolen reimagines the relationship between Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli and Queen Victoria. Other tales take their inspiration from Victorian literature. Catherynne M. Valente, for instance, revisits the fantasies of the Brontë children. Tanith Lee offers a steampunk variant on the Frankenstein’s Monster theme. In Gregory Maguire’s continuation of A Christmas Carol, Scrooge marries and has children, and Tiny Tim’s life takes an unexpected turn. And Theodora Goss offers up an existential literary-games scenario à la Jasper Fforde. Elsewhere (via Jeffrey Ford, Ellen Kushner and Caroline Stevermer , Maureen McHugh, Kathe Koja, Elizabeth Bear, James P. Blaylock and Leanna Renee Hieber), the fiction is purer, the surprises no less welcome. Splendid tales that illuminate a bygone era’s darker corners. - Kirkus

You can pre-order a Hardcover copy at a pre-order sale price, or a paperback copy at a pre-order sale price, or pre-order the book to your Nook or Kindle! Barnes & Noble is linked here, and Amazon here.


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Booklist has lovely words for Twisted Tragedy!

It's always exciting when the major publishing industry publications weigh in on your novel. 2013 is starting off with some lovely gems!

Booklist gives The Twisted Tragedy of Miss Natalie Stewart a lovely review!

The Twisted Tragedy of Miss Natalie Stewart

By Leanna Renee Hieber, 2012. 336p. Sourcebooks, paper, $8.99 (9781402262036)

"In this second Magic Most Foul novel (Darker Still, 2011), Natalie Stewart has gained her voice and Jonathon Denbury is alive, his soul rescued from a painting by Natalie's newly discovered magical powers. Escaping to Minnesota upon Mrs. Northe's advice, the young couple experiences a few days of happiness before Jonathon decides to avoid the ominous Dr. Preston by returning to London, where he dons the visage of his doppelganger to solve the mystery of his murdered family. Hieber's second YA novel is filled with bizarre evil: a resurrectionist doctor who collects severed hands; a dark, foreboding actor who inserts himself between Natalie and Jonathon in her nightmares; and a deaf-mute friend who hears the tormented spirits of the dismembered dead. Readers, who will benefit from a prior reading of the first book in the series, will enjoy not only the dark, supernatural mystery and then-daring romance but also the Victorian setting of elegant houses, beautiful gowns, and historical yet surprisingly contemporary New York City." - Frances Bradburn


2013 is starting off just how I want it! With a new release!

Happy Release Day "SONG OF SAIRE"!

My story "Song of Saire" is featured in this anthology edited by Trisha Telep, available in paperback and digital. Set in the world of my DARK NEST novellas, the Matriarch of a psychic community persecuted by their homeworld risks everything to save her students. Her only hope lies in her great star-crossed love that has spanned decades, but he's thousands of miles away.

For more about Leanna's DARK NEST novellas, click here.

Twisted Tragedy Trivia and Vote for The Cover!

I've been loving some of the responses I've been getting to The Twisted Tragedy of Miss Natalie Stewart.

Many of you love the cameo of two favourite Strangely Beautiful characters into Jonathon's narrative. I love that you love it, thank you. It was one of my favourite scenes I've ever written.

Many more of you utterly adore Nathaniel Veil and I am so thrilled by that.

Across the board I've been getting very good responses on the book, many seem to like it better than Darker Still or at least feel it fulfills the sequel status admirably, and I thank everyone for kind messages, tweets, responses on all my various social medias and in person at book events.

A few fun TWISTED TRAGEDY facts:

- Reverend Blessing's rescue dogs Bunny and Blue are actually based on two beautiful and delightful real greyhound rescues, Bunny and Blueberry who belong to a wonderful greyhound rescue family that I have been blessed to have as a part of my readership and now has led to two wonderful characters in my work that reflect the magnificent creatures they are based on. Writing their scenes were two of my favourite scenes I've ever written and I was so excited to mention the early work of the ASPCA. Read about the real dogs, their stories and their humans at Tails and Tales. Here, beautiful Blueberry poses with a copy of Twisted Tragedy:

- The Hospital where Doctor Preston worked is based on a real NYC German free hospital at 77th and Park, it was all Gothic and formidable looking too.

- Again, I'm so glad you love Nathaniel Veil, both Nathaniel and Lavinia will return in future work.

- I am working on Her Majesty's Association of Melancholy Bastards membership cards, so stay tuned. :)

And now...

Vote for TWISTED TRAGEDY's beautiful cover! Thanks to your votes, it won November's cover vote at the mainstream romance magazine RT BOOK REVIEWS. Vote for it to win best cover of 2012! No registration required, just click to vote! Thanks!