Friday, July 30, 2021

Live Your Favorite Things! Advice and Insights Designed for Any Artistic Individual!

 Check out this really fun interview with Actor, Teacher & all around gifted lady Kate Glasheen! In this interview I talk about a life in the arts and everything that has made me tick as a writer, performer & creative individual. Tips & insights for any and every artistic person! 

Thursday, July 15, 2021

TIME INDIVISIBLE, the TIME IMMEMORIAL finale, is now available in digital and audio!

TIME INDIVISIBLE is Now Available in digital and audiobook, a Scrib'd exclusive! 

The exciting TIME IMMEMORIAL trilogy of timeslip novellas has reached its finale! 

Join Captain Marlowe as she makes terrifying decisions to save her life and the lives of those she loves! 

If you don't already have a Scrib'd membership, sign up for a free 30 day trial! Check out ALL the Dark Nest Adventures in digital and audio! The TIME IMMEMORIAL trilogy dovetails nicely with my DARK NEST CHRONICLES world!  

Captain Elizabeth Marlowe lives in timelines at once and in each one... someone is hell-bent on killing her...

About TIME INDIVISIBLE: (via Scrib'd): "A stunning conclusion to the Time Immemorial trilogy."

Elizabeth Marlowe is being hunted through time and space. She is targeted for her unique power: the ability to experience her past lives as though they are concurrent, easily switching her consciousness from druidic Britain, to aboard Victorian steamships, to war-torn London, and even into the frontiers of space travel. But she’s not the only one with this talent. Donald Silver is like a dark mirror to Elizabeth, a version of himself plaguing her in each lifetime. He believes that by killing her, he can prevent future generations from developing psychic powers.

But Elizabeth is tired of running and hiding. It’s time to take what she’s learned about her enemy, herself, and the psychic community around her and go on the offensive. If she wins this fight, she’ll be able to help carve out a safe haven and a better future for all those with psychic powers. But is she ready to risk her own life for this noble goal? To put it all on the line?

-- TIME INDIVISIBLE - Now Available as a Scrib'd exclusive in digital and audiobook, with ME doing the narrating! As a trained actress, I am always asked if I am an audiobook narrator, now is your chance to see how I bring my worlds to life!