Tuesday, June 17, 2008

"Behind the Scenes" #7 Lori Foster Wonderfulness

So the Lori Foster Reader & Author Get Together was incredible. Go to the link and check out the numbers raised for charity!!!

Thousands of dollars will be going back into my hometown, going to wonderful causes like children's health, animal shelters, troop donations, and The Power of Love anthology proceeds going to a battered women's shelter in Cincinnati.

It was an incredible meeting of minds, hearts, industry and fans, beginners and seasoned professionals, with everyone maintaining an across-the-board nice.

And I won some SWEET industry raffle prizes. A critique from a great publishing house that will be very useful, AND a 12 month author sponsorship from We Write Romance.com! I'm so thrilled to be in such great company, check out their comprehensive site including many resources for writers and readers! Thanks to Heather Reed and everyone at We Write Romance for this opportunity!

And did I mention it was my first booksigning?! Since DARK NEST just came out in print, it was a wonderful opportunity for my first ever booksigning. It was quite a treat.

Here's my best friend Marijo and I! (She's the good one looking at the camera, I'm the space cadet)

More wonderful support here below (My grade school English / math teacher and her family, happy that I finally put all my talking in class to good use...)


Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

Congratulations! That's awesome. Glad that you had a great time, and than you won stuff. Always groovy.

Leanna Renee Hieber said...

Yeah, I can't recommend this conference highly enough, it's truly wonderful. And my winnings do rock. :) I also won a partial critique from Rose Hilliard at St. Martins that will be very, very valuable.

Liz Maverick said...

Sounds like there was awesomeness. Can't wait to get the secret scoop! :) Liz