Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lady Jane's #2! Success despite all nature to the contrary!

Oh, what a night!

Despite a blizzard, the second of our unique monthly romance reading series benefiting Maya Rodale's Share the Love charity for women in need, Lady Jane's Salon, founded by myself, Maya, Hope Tarr and Ron Hogan of Beatrice.com went smashingly well. Our only regret was the sad fact that our dear Jenna Petersen got stuck in an airport rather than being able to make it in for our reading. But she was with us in spirit, and her work was most certainly in attendance.

So was the NEW YORK POST! Thanks to reporter Mandy Stadtmiller and Zandy the photographer (who posed us in fun spots with armfuls of dontated books), for deeming our humble operation story-worthy! Can't wait to see the story!

So was Rob of RT Bookreviews, thanks Rob and RT for being there to document our evening and continue RT's loving and loyal support of our venture from day one!

So was SB Sarah of Smart Bitches Trashy Books who we have the GREAT pleasure of announcing as next months GUEST HOST! She live-twittered about us and everything! She's even got video of Lauren's fabulous reading! Check it out!!

The rundown:

New York Times bestseller, historical maven, quick-witted author and a sparkling entertainer as well as all-around lovely gal Lauren Willig started us off with hysterical selections from her latest release Temptation of the Night Jasmine. Her fan club was out IN FORCE to support her! Go Lauren and friends!

After a quick break, Maya's English BF Tony read a side-splitting few pages of his own romance novel to add to our festivities.

And then, to wrap up an evening of great fun and storytelling, I managed to present the beginning of Jenna Petersen's Lessons from a Courtesan. So even though Jenna couldn't make it, her work did and we hope we can have her with us in person sometime in the future.

Next month! April 6th! Alisa Kwitney / Sheckley will present some of her yummy The Better to Hold You and our very own co-founder Maya Rodale will share some of her deeeelightful The Rogue and the Rival! GUEST HOSTED by Sarah Wendell - who we hope will give us a tease of her and Candy Tan's Beyond Heaving Bosoms guide to Romance!

Don't miss it!

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Anonymous said...

I sooooooo want to get up there for this. One of these days, hon. One of these days... ;-)