Tuesday, May 24, 2022

GHOSTS OF THE FORBIDDEN Cover and Stepback Cover Reveal via Fantasy Cafe!

Darlings! Head over to the wonderful FANTASY CAFE for my GHOSTS OF THE FORBIDDEN COVER REVEAL! Not only do I have an amazing modern cover but I have a VINTAGE STEPBACK COVER that replicates the 70s-era Gothic novel my heroine 'falls into' in the book. Designed by the talented In Churl Yo, check out the delicious Gothic pairing here...

I'm SO excited for my debut contemporary Gothic Romance! Releasing Oct. 11th 2022 via Castle Bridge Media in digital and trade paperback! 

Ghosts of the Forbidden cover blurb:

She should run. But can she?

When newly unemployed writer Lillian Anders tries to escape her personal demons by running off to Glazier's Gap for a writer's conference hosted by a reviving Gothic romance publisher, she lands right in the middle of her own Gothic novel. Her life begins eerily reflecting one of the early-'70s "women running from houses" books in the publisher’s archive. Striking 19th Century ghosts haunt darkened halls and carriage-house mirrors, startling Lillian with dangerous secrets. As a hungry, violent force lurks in the mountains and the abandoned silver mine, Lillian’s presence rekindles old flames and reopens aching wounds. When charming journalist Nathaniel Lynd arrives in town, he and Lillian forge an immediate bond when intimate memories surface from another century. Evil forces that killed star-crossed lovers in the past seek to destroy Lillian and Nathaniel in the present. It will take fortitude, ingenuity and unexpected help from the strange town itself to make sure the demons of the past don’t destroy a passionate future; destined to set old wrongs right.

About Glazier’s Gap:

Welcome to Glazier's Gap, Colorado-- a small, gossip-filled hamlet started by the mysterious owners of a now-abandoned silver mine whose unwitting rivalries set the town on a cursed trajectory. From an enormous luxury resort hotel destroyed years ago in a landslide- whose wreckage remains half-buried today- to unexplained fires in grand mansions, the town isn't known for good luck. It’s a place with a bright side, though: tourists visit its rickety old ski resort, hike shadowed mountain paths and locals attend its small college. There’s even a defunct book publisher starting up again. But underneath it all: Glazier's Gap is full of secrets and ghosts.

Every book follows a different person in Glazier’s Gap who falls into a supernatural love affair-- like Broadchurch with phantoms, a romantic Twilight Zone in a beautiful, creepy town.

The book will be available via Castle Bridge Media on October 11th on Kindle, available for pre-order here: Ghosts of the Forbidden (Glazier's Gap Book 1) - Kindle edition by Hieber, Leanna Renee. Romance Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.) and in paperback wherever books are sold! Ghosts of the Forbidden is presently available on NetGalley for reviewers to request. Readers can also follow me on social media and sign up for my mailing list to be reminded on release day! Upcoming Appearances! - Strangely Beautiful Fiction: Leanna Renee Hieber

Cheers and Happy Haunting!