Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Leanna's Award Eligibility for 2023!

Leanna's Award Season Eligibility Category!

Hello friends! Every year, different genre organizations like Science Fiction / Fantasy Writers Association and the Horror Writers Association put out "eligibility calls" for work published during the year that may qualify, so if you're a voting member of an organization that might find my work of note, I'd be honored by your consideration! A Haunted History of Invisible Women: True Stories of America's Ghosts by myself and Andrea Janes being a finalist for Superior Achievement in Non-Fiction for the Bram Stoker Awards was such an honor and while I've never done one of these posts before, I figured I might as well shoot my shot!

The following 3 things that have been published this year available for consideration on Horror Fiction and Non-Fiction and Speculative Fiction and Non-Fiction ballots are as follows:

1. "The Hatchet Man of Wehr Road" published in LONELY HOLLOWS: FIFTEEN TALES OF FOLK HORROR by Pavane Press, March 2023 - Anthology available here, please contact Leanna for a review copy of the story, thank you! 

Category: Short Story 

Genre: Horror Fiction / Speculative Fiction

2. "Between the Dreaming and the Dead" published in APEX MAGAZINE, Issue 141, November 2023, now available for purchase, available free on their blog December 14th, 2023

Category: Non-Fiction Essay

Genre / Topic: Non-Fiction Speculative / Horror / Paranormal

3. "On Paranormal Chaplaincy" published in THE DEADLANDS Magazine, Issue 32, forthcoming, December 2023, via THE DEADLANDS

Category: Non-Fiction Essay

Genre / Topic: Non-Fiction Horror / Paranormal / Speculative 


And LASTLY, I'd be remiss in not mentioning another release of mine this year, THE WORLD OF TOMORROW IS SADLY OUTDATED, Available in digital eBook and in Audiobook (with me narrating!!) via Scribd/Everand! While this unique novella is technically a reprint (and thus not able to be considered in award categories) it is a brand new, fully revised edition with lots of changes and expansions from its original conception! I'd love for folks to check it out! It's a dual-narrative Steampunk / Hopepunk / Dystopian tale where a group of 19th Century inventors look into the future to create solutions and survival for an apocalyptic New York City! 

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